Get Your European Resume Translated

european resume

Get Your European Resume Translated

Get Your European Resume Translated

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2020)
Get Your European Resume Translated

After all these years, it is the opposites that have kept our world together. We share a lot of similarities with each other that has allowed humans from different cultures and regions to come together. But we also have our separate identities that has allowed us to maintain our individuality in a world where everyone is just trying to adjust. No matter how different our circumstances are, the basic needs of all humans will always stay the same. But that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our personal identities so we can belong somewhere. Everyone is beginning to realize this. This is why the fight for a world where everyone is allowed to be whatever they want is not the fight of a single person but of every human on earth.


We express our identities in different ways. Some people can express their choices openly without the fear of being judged. Some like to keep their personal life private out of choice. And some have to keep it private because they are not allowed to openly express their feelings. There is one aspect of your identity that you can’t hide from people and that is the official record of your existence. It is the identity card or paper issued by the government that specifies your age and gender.


Not only is it your most important document but also a proof of your citizenship. Each country has a different format for each official document. Just like a person’s genetic makeup can tell you where they are from, the stamps on a document can tell you where it is from. Even currency notes of each country are instantly recognizable. It is these differences that allows people to express their identity when they are traveling. A tree’s trunk has all the information about what it has gone through over the years. The same way if you discover an old document, the signature and stamp on it will tell you all there is to know about it.

European Documents:

Almost all countries in Europe act like a single entity in some respects. They share the same currency. And someone with a European passport can easily travel throughout the region without needing separate visas for each country. The whole region acting like one kingdom has a lot of benefits for the countries and their citizens. One great thing about the European Union’s agreements is that all the countries in the Union follow the same format for their documents.

european resume

The official language is different in each country, for sure, but due to the format being the same, they can be easily interpreted. Sometimes, they are even accepted as it is due to the similarities. From birth certificates to driver license, a lot of documents look the same in every country of the European Union. Another important piece of paper that follows the same format everywhere in the Europe is the resume.

European Resume:

A resume is something that lists your personal information, education, experiences, and skills. It is submitted to a company when you are applying there for a job. Although every resume in the world contains the same information, the format is different almost everywhere. There are also a few additional things that the people of some countries add, while others don’t. In some societies, adding your picture in your resume is not necessary, in some other societies, it is even frowned upon. But in the European Resume, adding your picture is a must. Once you make a European resume, it will be valid everyone in Europe.

european resume

Along with your picture, your resume will include your postal address, email address, and contact number, your education, your experiences, and your skills. The resume should be divided in two separate columns with one side adding the timeline and the other listing down the related details about your life. When you are applying for a particular job that requires special skills, it is important to focus on those skills the most. Mention the number of languages you can speak fluently, or understand, if you are applying for a position where that is a requirement. If the resume is in electronic format, you can also mention the name of the position you are applying for.

Get Your European Resume Translated:

Having a European resume is great if you are applying for a job somewhere in Europe. But what happens if you want to apply for a job in the US, or Australia? You can’t simply translate your language. And sometimes the languages are the same but the resume is still not the perfect fit for the other country simply because of the format.


This is why when you want to apply for a job outside Europe, you will need a translation of your resume which means it will have to be changed according to the requirements of the target country. A lot of people don’t understand the importance of a CV that is in the correct format. But it is better to avoid the mistake of submitting your European resume as it is than to feel heartbroken when you don’t land the job. There are hundreds of experts at Dutch Trans willing to help you with your European resume. They will update it according to the culture of the country where you want to apply for the job. And with the help of this freshly edited CV, you can easily land the job you want.

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