How Do You Do A Voice Over In Powerpoint

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How Do You Do A Voice Over In Powerpoint

How Do You Do A Voice Over In Powerpoint

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2024)

Everyone has different favorite memories from their school days. But a few things show up in everyone’s memories. For instance, even if the cafeteria food wasn’t good, it was the time spent with friends while eating that relaxed everyone. Playing harmless pranks was another memorable part of school life. But it is the unpleasant and embarrassing memories that keep us up at night. They are more or less the same for everyone. Everyone remembers the way they struggled while giving their first presentation. Everyone makes a spelling mistake from time to time, but making it on the board for the whole class to see is not something people can forget easily.

Presentations in the Workplace:


Although school and college are things of the past for adults now, some aspect of that old life continues to follow them. Discipline is very important in the workplace, and so is punctuality. In fact, being on time is even more important in the workplace than it was in school. Mistakes are not tolerated easily in offices. And if you had trouble with giving presentations in school, you best overcome that issue quickly. You will need all the confidence to give presentations in the workplace. There won’t be any teacher sitting in the back to support you; you will be on your own.


But there is one thing that can help those who have trouble with presenting in class or workplace, and that is PowerPoint. There are multiple programs for making slides that can help people present their ideas to their audience in the most effective manner possible. People can pick the program that suits their needs the most. Computers have always been helpful to us in our studies and work. This is another way in which they make our lives easier and help us do our jobs in a fun way.

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Although it was created in 1987, the popularity of the program increased in the 2000s. When more people turned to computers for their work and studies, they realized the importance of this program. The sole purpose of creating PowerPoint was to help people with presentations, and that’s exactly what it has been doing since its creation. Today, the program has so many features that people can present their ideas to different audiences at the same time. Even if you are a beginner, the built-in features of the program can help you in creating a unique presentation.


Editing is very easy in PowerPoint, so you can practice on existing projects too. You can find a sample online and go through it to understand the process of making slides for yourself. Once you have got the hang of the program, you can start creating your own project.

How Do You Do a Voice Over in PowerPoint?


There are many features of PowerPoint that people are not aware of simply because there is so much to explore in the program. But when people require a feature that they are not aware of, they become anxious. They sometimes turn to experts for help so they can get their work done quickly. But everyone must have a general idea about the basic features, so when they are facing a deadline, they can find the solution on their own without having to waste their time and money.

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Since PowerPoint is sometimes to present advertising content, a voice-over can be needed. But a lot of people don’t know how to add a voice-over in this program. However, the process is not that difficult, and people can do it themselves with a little practice. Here’s the process:


Start by selecting the slide on which you wish to add the voice over. On the slide, click to show the tab and go to the set-up group. From that menu, choose record narration. Once you have done that, you will be given the option to set the microphone level. This way, you can control the kind of voice that will end up in your file. Make sure that the level is normal. If you set it to the highest level, the voice will sound distant after recording. Also, make sure there is no background noise when you are recording. That’s the only way you can make it sound professional.


A voice-over can change your presentation completely. On the one hand, it will show to your audience that you put in the effort to making the presentation successful. It will also be more informative than merely showing slides to people. It will explain the images and graphs in a friendly way, so every member of your audience can understand the purpose of your presentation easily. Once you become good at adding voice-overs to your files, you can continue to do that in the future too. It will help you greatly with your work.

Importance of adding audio narration to slides

Adding audio narration to slides is essential for enhancing presentations and engaging audiences effectively. By incorporating audio files into individual slides or the entire presentation, speakers can provide valuable context, explanations, and insights that complement the visual content. The speaker icon or audio icon serves as a visual cue for listeners to access the audio recording, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

This audio narration feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with dyslexia or those who prefer auditory learning, as it provides an alternative way to absorb information. With advancements in speech technology and speech apps, presenters have access to a wide array of natural-sounding voices and high-quality audio recordings, elevating the professionalism and impact of their presentations.

Additionally, adding background music soundtracks or sound bites can further enhance the audio-visual experience and maintain audience attention throughout the presentation. Whether using built-in microphones or professional audio recording studios like Murf Studio, incorporating audio narration into slides is a valuable tool for creating dynamic and engaging presentations that resonate with audiences of all backgrounds and preferences.

Importing pre-recorded audio files into PowerPoint slides

Importing pre-recorded audio files into PowerPoint slides significantly enhances the quality and engagement of presentations. With the rise of professional audio recording studios like Murf Studio and advanced software solutions such as iSpring Suite Max, presenters have access to high-quality voice recordings and a diverse array of audio options to choose from.

For both average and advanced users, the process of importing audio files is made simple through the application menu, where users can easily locate the Record tab and access the record mode feature. Utilizing the dropdown arrow or pointer tool, users can navigate to the lower-right corner of the slide, where they can seamlessly integrate audio clip icons or sound icons.

These icons serve as visual indicators for the audience, prompting them to click and listen to the pre-recorded narration or voiceover presentations. The Toggle screen whiteout and blackout features ensure that the audience’s attention remains focused on the content, eliminating any background distractions or accidental background noise picked up during the recording process. Whether it’s adding background music tracks or incorporating audio slides into the presentation deck, importing pre-recorded audio files into PowerPoint slides enhances audience engagement and creates a professional-quality presentation experience.

Translation of Voice Over:


When it comes to the translation of voice-over content, precise timing and effective utilization of slide elements are crucial. Whether it’s a single slide or an entire slide deck, each segment must align seamlessly with the audio narration. Tools like PowerPoint’s slide timings and animation timings allow for precise synchronization between visual elements and the spoken narrative. With the ability to record audio directly within PowerPoint using the “Record audio” feature, dyslexia advocates and organizations like EdSurge Inc. can ensure accessibility and inclusivity in their presentations.

Advanced video editing software offers additional capabilities for refining video narrations, adjusting timing, and enhancing the overall quality of the presentation video. Speech software and third-party tools provide a wide array of options for recording, editing, and optimizing audio quality, ensuring that the final product features high-quality voice recordings and professional-sounding voices. From ensuring smooth transitions between slides to eliminating background noise and incorporating supplementary materials like quizzes, the translation of voice-over content requires a comprehensive approach that leverages a diverse array of tools and techniques to deliver a seamless and engaging experience for viewers.

If you need the translation of your voice over, then that isn’t something you can do for yourself. You will need time with recording the narration, but when it comes to translation, it is better to find experts. Not every translator can help people with PowerPoint translations, so make sure you have found the right expert before you hand over your project to them. If they have native experts on their team and do not overcharge for their services, then you can rely on them. They will provide you with accurate results before your deadline, so you don’t have to face any problems at work.

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