How Fast Can You Translate 100 Page Translation?

Ways to Speed Up the Translation Process

How Fast Can You Translate 100 Page Translation?

How Fast Can You Translate 100 Page Translation?

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2023)

Everyone has read at least one book that was translated from another language. But hardly any of these books have less than 200 pages. As a result, they require a long time to get through the translation process. It isn’t just about changing the text from one language to the other, keeping the context the same matters too. But books aren’t the only medium of information that has to be translated into multiple languages. Every day, thousands of different types of documents are handled by linguistic experts all over the world. But for those who need linguistic assistance, it is worth knowing how long does a translator need to finish working on a document.

Factors Affecting the Speed of Translation:

It isn’t just about the number of words or the number of pages that a linguistic expert has to take into account. There are various factors that come into play when an expert has to work on a document. Here is what they consider before deciding the rate and the time they need to finish the project:

  • Complexity:

Depending on the complexity of the document, it might take the translator a long time to finish it. It isn’t just about finding the right terms in the target language but also keeping the context in mind while working. The target text must include all the information mentioned in the original file but should also be simple.

  • Language Combination:

Even native experts will have trouble handling an uncommon combination. For instance, English to Spanish is the most common combination and does not require a lot of time. But something like Greek to Hindi can be quite difficult and will require a long time.

  • Projects:

If the expert is a freelancer, they may have to handle multiple projects at the same time, which is why they can’t give all of their energy to one task. They will have to divide their time between multiple projects, which is why it will affect their speed.

  • Proofreading:

Some clients want proofreading services too, which requires extra time. Those who prefer to proofread text themselves can obtain the results quickly.

Speed of Translation

100 Page Translation, How Fast Can You get it Translated?


If there is a 100-page document that a business or individual needs to get translated, their first concern will be the amount of time the translator will need to finish the task. Even if they can find an affordable service provider, they will have to wait for as long as the translator needs to get their project delivered to them. So, how fast can you get the translation of a document that is 100 pages long? To provide you with the answer, the linguistic expert will start by reviewing your document. They will be able to give you an answer depending on the complexity and language combination.

Since most experts can translate 2000 words per day (in other words, 3-4 pages), they will need more than a month to finish working on a document that has 100 pages. If the document is a work of literature, the expert might require longer so they can maintain the quality of the work while translating it. It is very important to keep the essence of the text alive throughout the procedure, which is why an expert should be allowed to take as long as they need to finish working on a project.

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Ways to Speed Up the Translation Process:

Although every expert has to take their time to finish working on a document, there are ways to speed up the process. Through these methods, agencies manage to provide accurate assistance to their clients on time. Here is how agencies speed up the translation process:

  1. Software and Tools:

Tools like CAT help translators in finishing their projects a lot quickly and efficiently. They get access to various dictionaries. They also get a database of translation memory that consists of most used words and phrases. Every agency these days relies on such tools to improve their efficiency. This is how they manage to provide quality services to their clients.

  1. Multiple Experts:

Whenever an agency receives a big project, it assigns multiple experts to it. This way, the work gets divided between multiple experts who can cover different parts of the project and finish it quickly. If one person is assigned the full project, they will require a long time to finish it. On the other hand, when experts are asked to work together, they manage to finish the task a lot quickly.

  1. Target Audience:

The target audience may not even want a complicated text to read, which is why it is important to do research. This can help experts in understanding the goals of the task. It will also help them in finishing a project more efficiently. When translators know the objectives of the task, they will manage to finish it quickly too.

There are problems in every industry, but there are also solutions if someone is willing to look for them. It is important for clients to understand that translation is a complex process, and they should not pressurize experts to finish their projects quickly. But agencies can also facilitate their clients to some extent. When agencies give their best, their clients will be satisfied too. Although 100 pages are a lot, when experts come together to handle the task, they can get done with it within days instead of months.

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