How to Get a Marriage Certificate Gujarati to English?

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How to Get a Marriage Certificate Gujarati to English?

How to Get a Marriage Certificate Gujarati to English?

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2023)

How to get a marriage certificate Gujarati to English

Have you recently moved to the U.S. and need the authorization of your personal and official documents so you could use them? If you were married in Gujrat but you want to make your marriage official in the U.S. as well, you’ll have to get a certified translation of your marriage certificate in the English language.

You can check USCIS requirements to identify the documents that will be needed for the process. These might be a birth certificate, change of name, etc. You can simply check the requirements of the agency you’re working with. The purpose to get a professional translation service may vary depending upon your choice. For instance, you may want to go on a holiday trip with your partner and therefore the procedure will require proof of your marriage certificate. You’ll only get the chance to pass this process when all of your documents have an English translation.

If you need accurate translation services of your marriage certificate from Gujarati to the English language, you can simply take help from a freelance translator or a translation agency that can meet your translation requirements. If it is your first time getting translation certification, you must be nervous, but don’t worry! Here, you’ll find all the details on this topic. So, let’s start!

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What is a marriage certificate?

A marriage certificate is a legal document that shows a social union or a legal contract between two people that create kinship. Such a union needs a wedding ceremony. The clerk or the officer of the government agency records a copy of the marriage certificate in the meeting’s records. Briefly, a marriage certificate is proof of the fact that two people are married.

After the civil registration of the marriage, an official of the government issues this document. It is a personal document that people need for various reasons. For instance, here, the immigration process or holiday trip are two main reasons for which you may need a marriage certificate. But in foreign countries, if you want to utilize your marriage certificate for any reason, you’ll have to get its translation services in the native language of your target country.

How to get your marriage certificate in Gujarat?

If you’re a newly married couple, BLESSINGS TO YOU first! You’ll need to certify your marriage and get its registration. Marriage has to be compulsorily registered to prove that you are legally married to someone.

In Gujarat, marriage registration is either under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or Special Marriage Act, 1954. You may wonder why do you have to get your marriage registered, and the reason is that it is a recognized document that may help you in getting a passport, visas, PAN card. Further, a marriage certificate is necessary to claim bank deposits and life insurances. To get your marriage certificate in Gujarat, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • The bride’s minimum age should be 18 years, and the groom’s minimum age should be at least 21 years.
  • Both bride and groom must be a citizen of India. In the case of marriage with a foreigner, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a need.

When you can meet this criterion, you can gather your personal documents like birth certificates, proof of address, marriage invitation card, two passport size photography, nationality certificate, and educational record (optional). To obtain the certificate, visit the official website of the Gujarat Government. You can click on the ‘online services’ option to access the online forms.

Fill in the necessary details and then submit the duly filled application form to the relevant authority of the Registrar’s office. Get a receipt for the application from the concerned office. Once the application has been verified, you will get the marriage certificate within seven working days from the date of application.

Translation Services of Gujarati Marriage Certificate in English

The translation is an activity that needs to be performed with accuracy and expertise. While translating the conversion of legal certificates from one language to another, it is essential to make sure that it is done by coursing the appropriate process, and hence, it becomes facile to employ or professional translation services.

This will ensure that your marriage translation is exactly like the original document. You can hire Gujarati translators from freelancing apps based on their ratings. Make sure to choose the five-star rating one because you can’t take risk of rejection. The more you’ll compromise on quality, the more this procedure will delay.

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marriage certificate gujarati to english

The process of translating marriage certificates involves the translation of all the text written in Gujarati into the English language. There are multiple translation agencies as well that provide this service since it is a common need these days. You may also want your green card all ready while staying in the U.S. which is why you shouldn’t miss a chance to get your marriage certificate in English translation. The green card will help you work in any one of the European countries as per your choice. At the end of the translation process, pay your fees through your credit card if you are getting online services.

Who Can Translate a Gujarati Marriage Certificate into the English Language?

Well, this is a question about which you should search a lot since it will make the basis for the quality of your translation. Picking an ideal translator for the conversion of your document from one language to another necessitates you to comprehend what actually a certified translation is and what are the characteristics of a certified translator are. You can’t leave this question unanswered. Document translation links everything with the legal procedures and therefore, you should hand over this work to only a professional.

Certified translators are the officials who are authorized to translate the Marriage Certificate or any other legal document. Only the best-certified translation services must be confided in with the translation of the certificates. Your requirement is not only to get translation work, but you may also need certification, notarization, or legalization of your marriage. And these are things that only professionals can handle. So, look for a professional translator who can translate the proof of marriage for you within the turnaround time.

What is the Cost of Marriage Certificate Translation?

To be honest, you can’t exactly predict the cost of marriage certificate translation. It is because different agencies have different rates. Further, when you need certification by the translator, then this additional step will add up additional charges. Getting your translation services from a qualified translator may require some handsome amount of money as well. Further, hiring a notary public to get your source document translation further authorized, this step will also add up charges.

Translating documents is a delicate task and needs experience. The charges for translating the certificates from one language to another can be pretty high. The price of this service depends on the language in which you want the certificate to be and the kind of document as well.

Apart from this, the word count and formatting of your document also matter a lot. Usually, translation agencies charge the cost based on the word count of the marriage certificate. But this method may differ depending on the agency you’re choosing to work with.

Well, it is always better to discuss your translation costs way before the beginning of the translation process. This can help in avoiding future problems and saving your relationship with the translator. Hope you’ll get through this process easily!

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