How to get quality translation every time

quality translation

How to get quality translation every time

How to get quality translation every time

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2020)

Believe it or not, there are quite some clients who would send us an email like: “I need the quality translation of a document urgently. They are only a few pages. Please send me a quote.” Such a message is quite common for companies or individuals who request a translation for their first time. They do not attach any files, nor do they specify the languages to be translated.

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At this point there is no way to give a quote as we don’t know much about the document, the languages and the turnaround time.

To be able to give a quote and to determine what the “right” translation is, more information should be provided as to what exactly the client needs and how they want it exactly. As a client, you should directly communicate with the translation company in great detail in order to get what you need.

How to get quality translation anytime

Select the documents to be translated
First determine what it is you need: are you planning to enter a new market abroad, are you going to present your products to prospective clients? Obviously, you will need to have some of your documents translated into a foreign language, i.e., from English to Italian. Select the documents you need accordingly. This is a matter of strategy and you need to decide.

Think on a “global” scale right from the start
Various source texts received by translators are full of references to some specific culture, such as clich├ęs, references to a particular sport like baseball (which is something unfamiliar to an Italian reader!), metaphors, and puns. A professional translator is an expert in localizing. However, if you link untranslatable words with pictures, it will prove to be very difficult to find the right use of wordplay for the destination market.

Plan ahead
Clients usually call a translator at the last minute. If you have recurrent jobs or have a deadline, you’ll need to plan in advance. Search for the translator that is right for you weeks in advance in order to get quality translation. Ask for availability and book the service beforehand. The translator will tell you how long it will take him or her to translate 10 or 30 pages, without urgency. It is important to give your translator as much lead time as possible.

Specify the purpose and destination of your translation
Knowledge of your document’s purpose and the destination are also important for the professional translator. Some translations could be for internal or information purposes and could even be highly technical. These are different from regular documents for publication since style and terminology would be different.

Be realistic about the price and time
How many pages do you think a professional translator can translate in one hour? Think about how long it took you to draft the original. High-quality texts need more time so you should give your translator a realistic deadline. If your translation is really urgent, do not hesitate to tell them in advance that it is urgent and the exact date when it is needed.

Collaborate with the translation company
Work with your translation company. Reply to their questions and send them the necessary reference materials, if you have any. Give your translator constant feedback. Suggestions are always welcome, especially if you are dealing with a professional.

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Getting quality translation shouldn’t be hard at all. All you need to do as a first time translation client is to send as much information as possible about the document you need to have translated along with your deadline. Also a must is to send your document along with your request. Having all the information and the document we can check the availability of our translators and can assign the best fitted translator/editor in order to get high quality translation.

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