Dangers Of Human Translations Versus Google Translate

Dangers of Human Translations Versus Google Translate

Dangers Of Human Translations Versus Google Translate

Dangers Of Human Translations Versus Google Translate

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

Humans began their life on this earth with nothing. They didn’t even have any tools, and it was a while until they learned to use wood for fire and safety. But once humans learned that they could create things to make their lives easier, they never looked back. It is true that a lot of us failed during their lifetime to create the perfect invention, but that did not stop us from trying. The things we have today would shock and inspire our ancestors. But even today, we haven’t stopped creating. We know that we can keep on inventing more things for our benefit.

Are All Inventions Good?


There are many things that we take for granted today, but when they were invented, they received a lot of criticism. Humans have always been afraid of change, which is why they object to every new thing, even if it is good for them. Sometimes, people begin to see the usefulness of an invention after a while. But there are some things that continue to face criticism from a small group of people. People have opposed everything from the telephone and the internet to seatbelts and vaccines. Many people question today about whether technology is good for us. Some wonder whether machines will take over our world in the future. Others think that we should fear machines instead of appreciating them.


Man vs. Machine:


Another debate that people love to engage in is whether a machine can be better than humans or not. Some believe that machines can carry out tasks better than us, while others think that humans are superior and always will be. But the answer to this question depends on various factors. When we are talking about mathematics, then a machine can solve the question quicker than humans. But this efficiency is not helpful in every subject.

Human Translations Versus Google Translate

The Translation Industry:


Those that have never needed the assistance of a linguistic expert don’t know the importance of the translation industry. It not only helps companies in expanding their businesses but also allows individuals in immigration. Without the help of translators, people cannot get admission to the foreign university of their choice. If it wasn’t for linguistic experts, we would all fail to understand each other. The world would have ended centuries ago because of misunderstandings. But linguistic experts keep us connected with each other.

Google Translate:


For a long time, only human experts helped people when they were faced with linguistic problems. But after the internet became popular, various apps and websites started offering translation services, and Google Translate is one of them. Most of the apps and websites are only accurate occasionally. They are also not helpful with a lot of language combinations. But Google Translate is the app that a lot of people trust because of its various features. It is also mostly accurate in its translations of words and phrases. This has made people believe that they can rely on the service for all kinds of linguistic problems. Some even expect to translate their documents with the help of the program.

Google Translate app

Dangers of Human Translations Versus Google Translate:


As more and more people begin to rely on Google Translate, they unknowingly end up with inaccurate results that won’t be accepted by the authorities. People think that if the app can help them during their travels, then it will also be useful for official purposes, but that isn’t true. The human translation vs. machine translation debate itself is dangerous. Here are the dangers of human translation versus Google Translate:

  • Cultural Disrespect:

Machines can never understand cultures the way people do, which is why they will fail to understand the cultural aspects of language. If someone chooses to get the translation of a document or text from Google, they will be disrespecting the associated culture. They might also end up offending the speakers of the language. This is why human translation experts are always more reliable.

  • Immigration Rejection:

Every immigration applicant has to fulfill a lot of requirements; one of them is submitting an accurate translation of their personal documents. If you get help from Google, your document will not be accurate. It also won’t come with a signed statement of the linguistic expert. Not only will the translation not be accepted by the authorities, but your immigration application will also get rejected. You will have to restart the whole process.

  • Inaccuracies:

When it comes to first world languages, online tools are often helpful. But if you search one of the Indian vernaculars’ translation on Google, you will most likely get inaccurate results. Since the app is loved by first-world citizens, people all over the world think that it is reliable. This is why many of them end up thinking that the inaccurate results are correct. It is dangerous in a lot of ways. Companies can offend a nation with wrong translations.

The man vs. machine debate will probably never end, but it is important for us to understand that we can’t rely on technology for everything. We can accept that machines are amazing at some things while also acknowledging their shortcomings. We have to understand that some jobs will always be suitable for humans only. And anyone that tries to change it will end up creating problems for humanity. Linguistic professionals with years of experience know how to handle documents and provide accurate results each time. So, rely on them and not on an app.

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