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Learn a Language When You Sleep

Learn a Language When You Sleep

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2021)

Are you learning a foreign language and thinking that it is too hard for you? No, it is not. Learning a language is a process, not a phenomenon that takes place overnight. So trust the process and yourself to get fluent in that certain language. It also depends on the language you are learning, some languages are easy to learn but some have really difficult frameworks.

And it also depends on your native language sometimes your native language is closely related to the second language you are learning. In this case, it would be a little easier to learn that language but if you are learning the language which is opposite to your dialect then your mind would take a little time to work according to that framework.

And if we see the consistency is the key in the learning process then it would not be wrong.  And when your brain starts working accordingly then there are different techniques from which you can learn new words of the target language. You can even learn a language while sleeping. It is called sleep learning we will discuss it in detail in this article.

Is it hard to learn a new language?

Learning the basics of the language is very easy but there will be a point where you’ll get stuck with your progress in learning that language because the level of complexity raises with every progress you make. Checkout our latest post about why you should learn English?

Last but not least learning a language also depends on your particular lingual intelligence. Intelligence has different types; some people are linguistically intelligent; some are logically Intelligent.

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sleep learn

Some are musically intelligent, some are bodily intelligent, some are intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligent while some others are naturalistically intelligent.

So, if you are having a hard time learning a language do not doubt your abilities because you might be intelligent in some other way. To know your capabilities and make a learning plan according to them. It will be highly effective.

Is it possible to learn the language while sleeping?

Have you ever heard that you are perfect in the new language when you start dreaming in that language? Yes, that’s true but did you know that you can learn the language while sleeping and it is scientifically proven. A lot of things are happening to memories during sleep like you get dreams of stuff you eagerly want in your deep sleep that’s the REM phase of sleep.

Grasping abilities in sleep may help you learn new words of that certain language. So basically human brain has two phases while sleeping your brain is getting words or something in the upstate phase of the brain, it is more likely to remember it. So if you’re stuffing words from foreign language vocabulary you’re likely to memorize them. Yes, these are little surprising science facts.

Sleep learning techniques

This phase of the brain also helps us to memorize things when we are conscious. So, it is a great tip to keep an audio language learning system to do language learning in deep sleep.

As a language learner, you must have subscribed to many language courses and it is highly recommended to sign up for audio language courses as well.

The brain picks a lot by hearing it even picks words during unconscious form which is sleep. You can also get benefit from sleep learning through it.

The idea of sleep learning is great for beginners and people who want to learn a language fast. You can experiment by yourself with sleep while listening to an audio recording of any passage you like. There will be a random chance of learning 3-5 words that you didn’t have in your vocabulary before.

You can hear any introductory conversation or any original recording of natives as well. And even if you are not listening to words while sleeping you will memorize words from your previous lessons during sleep. Most people think that sleeping is not a period of brain activity but it is.

5 best Language hacks to improve fluency 

Masses live in exotic countries for livelihood, travel, fun, or studies. With a brand new country there comes along a brand new language to catch up with the natives otherwise one feels estranged and alienated in that certain country. Well, we have a few tips to learn any language with fluency and quickly, so hold tight!

Be a good Listener

First thing first, listening stands high whenever it comes to learn anything especially a language. It helps you to have an initial hold over pronunciation. And also it’s the easiest step as all you have to be is all ears to the speaker.

Keep notes of new words

When learning a new language you come across an ocean of new words. It is really hard to stomach all of them at once so take little bites. Write them in a notebook.

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learning second language

You can even move them on your phone, making your dictionary. Watch all of the most popular films in that certain language. Enjoy them while learning a new language. Turn on the subtitles if you can’t understand the distinctive accent of that language. Take notes of new words.

Language instruction can be done in a variety of methods, some of which are extremely informal yet quite successful. It will also help you to understand the culture of the natives of that language. Culture and language go hand in hand.

Practice the words you learn

Keep practicing all of the new words along with the accent you learned. It will aid you to become adept in that language. Speak it in leisure time and record it to keep a record of improvement.

Things will be much easier if you enjoy the process of learning as a language learner. You must understand that you will not be able to learn a few words or grammar rules in a single day and then wake up speaking excellent native English.

Take pleasure in the entire procedure. Make a recording of yourself speaking a new language. When you watch the video again, you’ll be able to spot your errors and remedy them. Pay attention to native speakers.

If you require the services of a language instructor, go ahead and employ one. Many tutors can be found online. Every day, learn a new word. Regularly practice and enjoy what you’re doing.

Learn the grammar

Grammar of any language will help you to learn to make sentences. Because the set-up of subjects, objects, and verbs don’t stay the same in every language. There are numerous tools available on the internet.

You can learn a language on your own by using these tools. You do not need to enroll in any institution to study a language. All you have to do now is set aside some time, open your laptop, and begin studying.

Each topic has an abundance of videos available on YouTube. Some excellent apps help you improve your speaking, reading, and writing abilities. Duolingo, for example, has provided free language classes.

Grammarly is the most effective tool for improving your writing skills. There are audiobooks accessible on the internet to assist you in better understanding language speech. All you have to do is discover the correct tools and put them to good use.


People get bored with the process of learning a language and quit in between. That’s a giant mistake they make. So, staying consistent and the patient is the best tip to get along with the sprinkle of good luck. It is critical to know where you want to go when learning a language.

And why are you putting in the effort? You must be working for something worthwhile. It may be the university of your dreams. It may be the job of your dreams. Alternatively, your ideal home. Sit and consider your goals and why you’re learning that particular language. And when you know your goal stay consistent.

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