Why London immigrants must speak English?

London immigrants

Why London immigrants must speak English?

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2020)

Do in Rome as the Romans do! People are most often seen endorsing this thought which in other words implies to languages as well. Moving to a foreign country, you are supposed to learn that particular country’s language. It being the only tool that helps in conveying of thoughts and ideas so if one happens to move to Spain it is best advised to learn Spanish or at least familiarize oneself with the basics of that language. Likewise for moving to London, one should be able to speak English, as it makes the moving around easier and more convenient for London immigrants.  Which otherwise becomes impossible to live and prosper in another country.

Why London immigrants need to learn English

why learn English

London immigrants

London, often regarded as the cultural capital of the world, has an incredible diversified population belonging to different ethnicities of the world. As of 2007 survey, there are as many as 300 languages spoken in London while out of a population of some 8,000,000 people, 37% are immigrants.

With around 3 million London immigrants, the city makes it as number one in EU with the largest percent of immigrants. Now imagine if none of them knows a word of English, how would they even move around? For moving around in the financial hub of the world, it becomes downright obligatory to equip oneself with the main-central language of the place which in another case might result in utmost failure as a whole.

Why English?

The libertarian’s stance would be somewhat different, who states that everyone should be given the liberty to speak whichever language they wish to. There’s no denying of the fact, it is however best to look at the bigger picture as to why should English be learned. Here are some of the reasons for the same;

  • First and foremost – English is the main language of the UK. Looking at it from the economic perspective, immigrants should make an effort to learn English in order to benefit from the country’s resources. This will pave out ways in starting businesses or in finding suitable jobs.
  • Secondly, immigrant women too should put their part of an effort in learning to communicate in English. Women being an equal part of society should play their role in socio-economic development. It is however observed that majority of them shy away from doing the same due to the lack of basic English communication skills. It is thus advised for them to learn to communicate in English to exercise their rights and play their due part in uplifting country’s economic status.
  • While they need certified translation for personal documents, the immigrants can’t use a translator all the time.
  • Lastly as a gesture of respect and goodwill for the nation, that one resides in, it is best to adopt their language. Since being the main language of the country it is the easiest way to be accepted and welcomed by the society.
everyone speaks English

To top it all off, English is not as difficult as it may sound. For London immigrants, it is just about learning the basics and then practicing the same for better movement and fully assimilating in the society.

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