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Medical Translations – Making a Career

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2017)

Taking into account the permanent progresses made by medicine and the need for medical translations, why not consider becoming a medical translator? If you are passionate about medicine and languages, this is the perfect job for you. However, you have to be aware that the job is very demanding. You have to have medical knowledge. Some translators are actually doctors who combine both jobs. Others have a medical degree; they go directly into the medical translations field.

Why not doing medical translations?

A good and professional medical translator must have a perfect command of medical terms. This is the reason why being a medical translator is not as easy as it seems, and you have to be specialized in this domain. So being a medical translator means that you have to be specialized in both medicine and languages. You have to have a solid background, because you cannot translate by ear, you have to know in detail the culture of the language from which and into which you do the medical translation. Therefore, it is important to know the specific phrases and terms in the needed languages.

In order to convey the message of a prescription let’s say, or of a label, you have to be a native translator, or at least to be close to that stage. You have to know all medical terms in order to be able to talk about complex diagnosis, or procedures, whatever you have to translate. You cannot use complex words; in this case, everything has to be clear, simple, and coherent. Your medical translations must be clear, and you should avoid ambiguous words so people will be able to understand it. Therefore, you have to be fluent in the languages you translate and to have good writing skills. Therefore, you have to have good writing and interpreting skills in order to produce a professional and accurate medical translation.

Recently, in the past few years, knowing how to use the computer and specific software are essential.

A good medical translator must have the ability to use audio recordings, the computer and certain software and to transform information from the audio format into a Word format. A good medical translation agency can help you make a great future. There are many agencies searching for great freelance translators to work for them. You can learn many things about translation on their websites. They usually offer free great translation resources you should know. You can visit to learn more.