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Misunderstandings in Translation Business

Misunderstandings in Translation Business

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2022)

A misunderstanding is a situation you would like to definitely avoid. In the translation business the most important job is to translate correctly and avoid misunderstandings.

The Translation Business

Bad translation and its consequences

No one wants an awful situation, neither a client nor a translation company. For example, if a text is intended to be funny or ironic but instead, in the hands of the receiver, could be taken as an insult or is taken too seriously, then you have a problem! It is important that there is a difference between misunderstanding and mess understood!

This is one of the many reasons you should hire a translation company.

bad translation and its consequences
translation and proofreading

Translation and proofreading

Of course, it should be a qualified translation business with a verified history and certified translators. The best situation is that they have native speakers so they can translate not just words but the meaning of the context. As we know, there are many different mentalities, dialects and languages. That means the translators have to understand the meaning of the text and translate it in the spirit of the language. The use of technical terms to communicate accounting information can lead to misunderstandings when the meaning of such a term is not fully appreciated by the recipient of the information.

The discipline of translation suggests that full equivalence in translation between languages is rare. Misunderstanding doesn’t happen to qualified translators very often, especially if there is a proofreading process.

Documents can’t be translated literally

Professional translators know that documents can’t be translated literally. For example, the German Company AVUS Performance made the mistake or, if you wish, the misunderstanding, when it`s press agency mistranslated the original name of the 2009 Audi RS6 V10 Biturbo, as “The White Power Audi RS6”. After being associated with skinheads and other neo-Nazi organizations, they have learned their lesson the hard way.

If you have a legal document that needs to be translated, you would be much safer hiring a translator from a translation business who has graduated from law school and has been translating legal materials for 5 years, as opposed to a pre-law student who is trying to make some money. To avoid these misunderstandings you need to know who you are gong to hire. If you want to expand your business to a foreign market you need to think about these delicate things. Translating into a foreign language is a very hard job. Hire a qualified translation company to take care of your translation business.

Professional translation is essential in business life, especially when legal or business choices will be made based on the translated documents.  A company needs to be sure that qualified translators are utilizing a multi-step, thorough quality control process that will catch any grammatical or technical errors that may affect the accuracy of the final translation. One poorly translated sentence in a vital document can harm the financial and professional image of a company.

Most of the difficulties associated with legal translation are due to the nature of the legal language. Each nation has unique legal terminology which needs to be precisely translated into the target language.

The legal terminologies between both languages will often be hugely different. The translator needs to be able to compare both the legal systems and the languages. The legal translation must also take into account the differences in culture and any subtleties that may otherwise be missed.

The translation business is a tough market to be in and some are trying to take shortcuts. Make sure you get a real professional, in the long run it is sure to save you money!

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