Official translation in London: how much does it cost?

official translation in London

Official translation in London: how much does it cost?

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2020)

In one line? An official translation in London is a bit more expensive than a US translation, but it really depends on the company. We have seen prices between £25 and £45 per page. That is the simple, standard charge for official translation in the UK. Now, the big question arises, how are the charges for a translation calculated across the industry? We have written this post to explain these regulations to our customers.

Official translation in London

If you need UK certified translation, prices vary from company to company. Rules are the same: a page with up to 200 words gets a standard rate as above. Then, why are we charging only £20 per page? Well, that is easy: we do it so that any customer could afford it.

UK translation rates

Why do translation agencies worry so much about the pricing strategy?

There is no fixed way of charging the client in the industry. Every translation charge is customized for the translation in question that is why you always have to share your translation project with the translator in order to get a quote. There are a few translation agencies that offer fixed prices, but they are few and far between. The reason is that fixed price culture is discouraged even by clients themselves. When a translation price is customized, it gives the client freedom to balance various factors to get the price they like, but with fixed prices, the translator will have to live with the translation price that they get.

Translation industry has recently gained a strong footing in the global market. The translation was not exactly an essential trade before the advent of the internet and the world turning into a global village. Translation industry has found that a one percent increase in your pricing will give you an eleven percent increase in profits!

A Matter Of Prestige

The translation industry and all of its employees find themselves in an interesting conundrum. If your pricing is too expensive then you are not viable for the client, but if it is too low, the quality of your company can come into question. Translation industry finds itself with a unique task of finding the fine line of where to place their pricing strategy so that they look reachable and yet respect worthy.

Charges Per Word

Per word translation cost estimation is the norm in the translation industry. The per-word cost that is most common is $0.21 per word across ten target languages and 75 international language service providers. Translation agencies seem to charge EUR 0.15 per word as the best translation price.

higher prices for translation

The Conundrum

There is a problem with per word translation prices. The translation industry has to balance the change in the number of words from original to the target language. Every language has a certain number of words to convey an idea. A language will have three words to describe ‘thought’ that is one word in English. So, if a client is submitting a 2000 word document, he can be charged with a 2400 word document.

These are the few factors that define the prices of official translation in London. DutchTrans have cleared them out in this small post so that translation clients will have a clearer picture when they are reviewing translation quotes.

If you need translation services in London, get in touch with us by email, phone or live-chat. Or even better, come visit our office. Send us your document and we will give you a quote in a few minutes, and you will simple love our price.

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