Where can I get an official translation from?

official translation

Where can I get an official translation from?

Where can I get an official translation from?

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2023)

You are looking for an official translation and also wondering if someone will be nice enough to explain to you what exactly it is? DutchTrans got you covered; the official translation is the UK’s phrase for certified translation. Are you, now, wondering what a certified translation is? Aren’t you a nugget! Let us explain.

What is an official translation?

This type of translation is called certified translation in the UK . A translation that is certified is a translation that comes with a certificate of authenticity issued by the translator stating that he or she takes responsibility for the content of the translation and should be contacted for further inquiry. They also state that the translation is accurate and of high quality.

requirements of translation

The expectation from an official translation

An official translation is basically any translation that comes with authenticity verification from the translator. The translator has to verify the credentials of the translation. This means that ideally, the translator has to have a few credentials himself, such as:

  • Experience in translation: In order for your translation to be accurate, the translator needs to have previous experience in translation
  • Legal experience: The translator needs to know the ins and outs of the certification so his translation will be cleared by the legal or judiciary systems of the UK.

What about notarization?

Notarization is another, very significant verification that is highly advisable to all those who want to get through legal systems of the UK. The notary public officer will give you a notarized translation and you can use that as an ultimate verified translation.

The Translation Providers

Any translation agency can provide you with an official translation of the content that you are getting translated. But there are a bunch of other factors that contribute to the credibility of a translator that is discussed above.

Hypothetically, an untrained translator is also able to give you the translation that you need if they know the process. But that makes the whole process of translation for official and governmental organizations, a murky process; so, the translation process is expected to be toughened up. With this idea in mind, many governmental agencies have placed ‘guidelines’ that applicants have to follow in order to make sure that their translation will be cleared by the system.

UK translation providers

The Translation Agency

This is where translation agencies become significant. They know the translation requirements of an organization and they can provide you with the document that will be cleared by the system without any problems. This is a significant factor when translation is going in after serious financial and time investment. DutchTrans is here to give you certified translation services with the guarantee that the translation will be accepted by the immigration office.

The above are enough reasons to use translation agencies that are well- verified rather than provide a regular translation by anyone. Get in touch and get cheap, yet accurate translation for the UK in 24 hours or less!

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