patent application translation

Patent Application Translation Why is Certification Needed

Patent Application Translation Why is Certification Needed

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2023)

Humans may appear pessimist to many but in truth, we are optimists by nature. Not only that, we also tend to look at the positives and ignore the negatives if it leads to unjust judgement. For instance, there are many historical figures that weren’t as good as we make them out to be. But we ignored their flaws to focus on their achievements. We use their names to influence our children into becoming better and achieving greatness. We have been compromising truth for a long time for a few inspirations. But if we had better options, we would not have focused too much on those who used evil means to get ahead.

More than one person can invent the same thing at the same time but you will only ever hear about one of them. History will only have space for one name on its pages and the schools will only teach their students about one of them. Maybe one of those we never heard about was the first one to make the invention. Maybe someone stole their idea and got all the credit for it. History of full of such examples, well, not really, because there are hardly any records about the inventors whose ideas got stolen. But you may wonder how does that happen. A thing called patent can be blamed for such injustices. However, it is a necessary thing for inventors because without it, they can’t get credit for the things they have created.

patent application translation

What is a Patent?


A patent is a license that confers the sole ownership or a product or device to an inventor. With the license, the creator not only gets the sole ownership of their invention but it also keeps other people from producing, using, or selling that product. The paper also means that there won’t be multiple varieties of the same machine or design available in the market made by different creators. A patent is legally binding which means the creators are the legal owners of their inventions.

patent application translation

Patent Application:


If you built a machine but never showed it to anyone and never announced to the world about your creation, no one will know about it and your genius. Anyone can steal your machine and claim to build it, but since you never claimed it as your own, it will be pretty easy for them to get away with their lie. Patents may be the solution to this problem but they are not granted simply because someone built something. No one gets a degree as soon as they get done with classes, they have to sit in exams and perform well to prove they have learned something from their teachers.

The same way, you can’t get a patent until you apply for it. A patent application is something that is submitted to the patent office. It includes all the information about the invention, claims in a formal document, and some necessary forms. Once the application is submitted to the office, it will be a while before it gets approved. In the US, it takes at least twenty-two months for a patent to get approved. But the time period may vary for different types of patents. Once it gets approved, it will be published and a creator’s rights to their invention will become public.

Patent Application Translation, why is Certification Needed?


If your invention is useful globally and you plan to make it available everywhere in the near future, you need to protect it in every country. A patent issued in the US will not keep people in China or France from stealing your idea and launching the same product with their name. This is why it is essential to file applications in all the countries where you want to protect your ideas from getting stolen. Although you can’t show the same patent in every country, you can apply with the same application everywhere, once you get it translated.


With the help of a certified translation of your patent application, you can get the legal rights to your invention in multiple countries. But why is it necessary to get a certified translation, you may wonder?


A certified translation comes with a certification issued by the translator in which they state that the interpretation is accurate and complete. The certification increases the validity of the translation. Whenever you are submitting a translation to a government body, like the patent office, it has to be error free and what best way to ensure that the document is error free other than a certified translation? Patents are very complicated papers and a small mistake can cause inventors greatly. Since applications contain important specifications about the product, it is better to get its certified translation. If there are no errors in the document, there will be no confusion about your invention.

Companies and creators have abused a little ambiguity in patents to make their claims about products. Many similar cases have ended up in courts and cost creators their life’s work. Anyone who wants to avoid that must find a reliable and qualified translator who has experience in the legal field and can translate a patent with zero mistakes. Getting in touch with an agency can also turn out to be a good idea because they have a lot of experienced translators on their team and can connect you with one who will be the right choice to handle your document.

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