Difference between a freelance translator and professional translation

professional translation services UK

Difference between a freelance translator and professional translation

Difference between a freelance translator and professional translation

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2023)

You are looking around for professional translation services UK, and you have found yourself asking a simple question. What is the difference between a professional translator and a professional translation service in the UK? DutchTrans has the answer for you; this entire post will discuss the differences between a professional translation agency and a freelance translator in the UK.

Freelance translator vs professional translation services UK

How about we save you the trouble of scrolling down and start with the main point; a professional translation agency takes responsibility for its translators while the freelance translator takes responsibility for himself.

freelance translator

A Freelance Translator


We are not against an individual translator, but following problems stay with a freelancer:

  • Their previous performance is hard to evaluate because it’s hard to track down their former clients.
  • They are going to charge more because the accreditation from the institution is expensive for one person in comparison with a translation agency.
  • They can provide a limited number of languages.

A freelance translator works alone on a project and he does his own proofreading. It is well known that reading your own words, even aloud, is not the best way to proofread a document. When it comes to professional translation services UK, an independent translator edits and proofreads the text spotting any errors.

A Professional Translation Agency


When a professional translation agency operates in the UK, they have to keep in mind the following factors:

Accreditation: When a translation agency becomes a part of the UK translation industry, they need to get accreditation from Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) or Association of Translation Companies (ATC). Of course, that requires creating, establishing and maintaining a certain standard in all of their conducts. It includes managing quality of the translation that they provide and making sure that the translation adheres to the rules of the certifying systems.

translation agency

Rates Control: Professional translation services UK have to keep their prices in control if they are going to operate in the vibrant market of the UK. DutchTrans and others need to ensure that the cost is affordable to middle-class clients so that they can run their business efficiently.

Proprietary Software: It is common knowledge that every translation agency should have proprietary management software to efficiently manage projects and translators. The translators can be quickly assigned based on their expertise and the proofreaders check on their work to refine and fine-tune the translation. Due to increased efficiency they can charge much less for accurate translation services.

Quality Assurance: Quality assurance is a massive part of a translation agency’s agenda. If an agency is working with five thousand clients, which is not uncommon, they have to ensure that all five thousand clients go home with a pleasant experience. Because one unhappy client can give them a bad review and their prospective clients can decide to go with another agency. They have to uphold serious quality while continually staying under intense scrutiny.

This is a basic comparison between freelance translators and professional translation services UK. We are not biased; translation agencies are better than professional translators.

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