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Spanish Curse Words: A Brief Overview

Spanish Curse Words: A Brief Overview

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2022)

Do you want to be able to curse in Spanish or learn some vulgar expressions, but aren’t sure where to start? Well, look no further—you can learn how to curse in Spanish right here!

From the basics (the word fuck) to more advanced curse words and phrases, this list of curse words in Spanish contains all the vocabulary you need to make yourself understood when using these types of profanity.

Check it out and get cursing!

Spanish Vulgar expressions

Vulgar expressions in Spanish just like the English language are like a second language to many people.

They can be used to express anger, frustration, or even shock. One of the most popular ways to swear is by using words for body parts such as the female genitalia. For example, the word cojones can be translated to mean balls or testicles.

Other common words that you may hear often include madre (mother), hija (daughter), and culo (butt).

Estupido caguasero – a person who acts like an idiot

While the Spanish language is a beautiful and expressive tongue, it also has its fair share of curse words just like the English language does.

This can be seen in the many curse words that are used in Dominican Spanish and in offensive remarks, which is not just found in the Dominican Republic but is also spoken by a bad person or people living in other Latin American countries.

Some of these include importa tres cojones (which translates to it doesn’t matter two shits), estupido caguasero (a person who acts like an idiot), and cago en todo lo que se menea (literally meaning I shit on everything that moves).

The wide range of curses found in Dominican Spanish shows that there are no boundaries for what can be said or done when angry in this Latin American country.

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¡Hijo de puta!- Son of a bitch

The Spanish language is known for its many curse words, most of which are based on the Catholic faith.

Some of these curse words are vulgar expressions while others are offensive remarks. The literal translation of these words can be very offensive and is not recommended to be used in a public setting. Are you looking for any dutch to Spanish translation agency?

As with all languages, there are certain phrases that only certain people would use. Here is a list of some of the more popular Spanish curse words that could be used in various settings.

¡Hijo de puta!- Son of a bitch

¡Mierda!- Shit!

¡Puto!- Bitch or asshole

¡Coño!- Cunt (female genitalia)

Joto or Gay – Fag

These terms can be substituted into sentences when appropriate, such as Cállate ¡Hijo de puta! – Shut up son of a bitch!

This Can’t Be Happening

¡Chinga tu madre! = fuck your mother.

Spanish curse words, or maldiciones are largely used to call out someone you think is stupid or a bad person.

Perhaps the most popular of these words is Pendejo which translates to stupid person. There are many more Spanish curse words that can be used in place of this word, but they all have the same meaning and purpose.

For example, the Spanish word for pubic hair is Pelo de Mango which translates to pubic hair.

Another popular Spanish curse word is probably one of the most well-known curses in the English language: ¡Chinga tu madre! This translates to fuck your mother.

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Banned From Heaven

Spain is a Catholic country, and the Spanish curse words that have made their way into common usage are those from the Catholic liturgy.

As such, many of these words are far less obscene than their counterparts in other languages. The most popular swear word in Spanish is probably carajo, which literally means penis.

There are also plenty of variations on this theme to choose from such as
– puta madre (mother whore)
puto asco (fucking disgust)
cojones (testicles).

These all make for crude insults, but they don’t carry quite the same bite as the English equivalent does.

Pendejo = Dumbass
The Spanish language is full of colorful curse words that convey a multitude of different emotions. One of the most commonly used insults in the Spanish language is Mierda.

Literally translated as shit, this word can be used to express anger, frustration, or even jealousy in certain contexts.

Another popular curse word is Cabrón. This word literally translates to male goat but can be used to call someone an idiot or stupid person.

Some other curse words in Spanish are; joder (to fuck) which can also mean to bother; coño (cunt) and pendejo (dumbass).

These two words are very similar, but the difference between them has to do with context and tone. Coño is more vulgar than pendejo, which should only be used for light-hearted teasing among friends.

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More Spanish Curse Words

The Spanish language has many curse words that can be used in different situations just as it is the case with the English Language. Here are some of the more popular swear words in Spain and Latin America. These phrases are used by adults, children, and young adults alike.
Abre la puerta de mierda! = Open the door for me you asshole!

No seas borracho/a = Don’t be drunk (lit.: don’t be a drunk)

Que te jodan = Fuck you (lit.: go fuck yourself)

Que te vaya bonito = Have a nice day (lit.: have a beautiful trip)

¡Dale con el maldito reloj! = Give me back my watch!

¿Por qué demonios está tan alta? = Why is this so high up?

Importa tres cojones  = It doesn’t matter two shits

Que no se rompa mi teléfono, cabrón = My phone better not break or I’ll kick your ass.

Get out of here, suertudó= You’re lucky you get to leave before I punch you.


What is Buta in Spanish?

Buta means asshole in Spanish. The word is used as an insult to refer to someone who behaves badly, especially someone who treats you badly.

What is a Bendejo?

A bendejo is a derogatory term that means stupid, dumb, clumsy in Spanish. It is usually used when someone has made a mistake or has done something wrong.

What are common cuss words in Spanish?

Some of the most popular swear words in Spanish are puta, joder and mierda. Puta is the word for whore, so it can be used either as a noun or an adjective. Joder is a verb that means to fuck up or to screw over. Mierda means shit.

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