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Technology in the Hands of Writers and Journalists

Technology in the Hands of Writers and Journalists

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2023)

With technology being such a huge impulse in every domain, it has, of course, found its way into the hands of writers too (not that this is a bad thing). These new improvements can help in case writers have a lack of inspiration or journalists don’t have a topic.

Technology helps writers

Technology and distractions

Technology has made it difficult for most of us to work. There are so many distractions, and the fear of missing out keeps us logged in to our social media accounts all the time. What are the best tweets of the day, did your favorite celebrity post on Snapchat today, which fashion blogger’s Instagram post of the day is the best, you have to know the answers of all these questions. So as you browse your social media, the day reaches its end, and you realize you didn’t get any work done today either.

But technology has also made things easy for the working class and especially for writers. With the help of technology, writers can become more productive and finish work before deadlines. Although there are many apps today that can help writers and journalists, there is also a way to improve your writing routine without missing any social media posts. There are a bunch of writing prompts accounts on Instagram and Tumblr that can inspire you to get back to writing. As long as you keep trying, you will get there.

journalists and technology
tech apps

Mobile apps

Here are some apps, communities and tools for those bound by the written word.

  • A great mobile app for journalists would be Bambuser which helps to share videos from their mobile via social media.
  • Hootsuite is one of the most well known tools for managing social media presence.
  • Again, for all the journalists out there, Storify is a tool which searches social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram for different stories and topics and when found, the results can be easily added to the main text.
  • Since its release in 2003, WordPress has continued to grow in such a manner that it is now the most used system on the Internet. This is the perfect tool for any writer considering the fact that anybody can run multiple blogs on it, you can post articles and your text will always be analyzed for any grammatical errors.

Wired Journalists

  • Wired Journalists is an online system that hosts various groups, forums and headlines, designed to serve the purposes of digital writers who want to share the information.
  • When it comes to your writing you can never be too careful with your files. Keeping them on your laptop might put them in danger. That is why Dropbox created a service that lets you upload your documents online so you can access them anywhere, from a mobile device through an app or from a pc from a browser or a desktop service. Technology makes it possible.
  • Another great tool for journalists is Soundnote, an app that allows journalists to tap one word from an interview so they can play back what they may have missed.

Aside from these tools, there are many other tools that when combined, can help you become a better writer and more agile journalist. By doing a “test-drive” you will realize which one best fits your needs.

Technology made it possible so there are lots of tools on the internet for writers and there are even more for translation. That does not mean you should use computer translation for your business needs. Always use a professional translation service for your business communications.

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