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The Benefits of a Translation Service Provider Over a Freelancer

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2017)

For a brand, proper translation is like its lifeline. No brand can do well without the proper usage of language

Companies invest a lot of money in outsourcing their translation projects to either a freelance translator or a translation service provider. Since language quality is of primary importance for each brand, it is essential to choose wisely who takes care of your brand.

Who is more likely to offer quality: a freelancer or a translation service provider?

Poor translations are much worse than no translation at all – Many people will forgive a site for not being in their native language, and will be willing to go to a translation site if they need the information; but if your translation is bad, they won’t trust you or your site to provide a quality product.

The discipline of translation suggests that full equivalence in translation between languages is rare. Misunderstanding doesn’t happen to qualified translators very often, especially if there is a proofreading process and a QA process involved as when using a translation service provider.

Correcting the translation mistakes is much more expensive than the initial cost of hiring a translation company from the outset. A translation service provider will guarantee quality and deadline.

Specialization of a freelancer vs specialized translation services of a professional agency

Another advantage of translation agencies is that they provide specialized services for different fields. Compared to this, it may be far more difficult for a freelancer to specialize in each field.

Document file formats require preparation for software programs like Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, Illustrator or QuarkXpress

Only a couple of translators are able to work directly with files from these desktop publishing programs. They don’t own the software and don’t have advanced knowledge in using them.

Most translation companies have invested thousands of euros in both desktop publishing software and in programs that export the text from these programs For DTP projects translation companies employ design specialists who have expertise in the area of desktop publishing.

Translation agency – a place for all your multilingual projects

If your project comprises multiple languages, then working with a translation service provider will be much easier than with multiple freelancers.

As you can see there are many things to consider for a quality translation service. That’s why it is always better to hire a translation company from the beginning. You can contact us 24/7 for any language combination, not just Dutch projects! Send us an email to [email protected] for more information.