The Translation Project Manager is the Liaison to the Translation Team

translation project manager

The Translation Project Manager is the Liaison to the Translation Team

The Translation Project Manager is the Liaison to the Translation Team

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2020)

A translation project manager plays a chief role in a translation team


How a translation project manager sees through all the concerns of the translation process is as essential as smoothing out gaps and loopholes within the project. The connection that binds the client and the members of the team is defined by how effective the translation project manager is in bringing them to work together, cohesively and consistently achieving common targets and objectives.

The relatively demanding job of the project manager is highlighted by several key elements that primarily focus on building a smoother and coherent flow of communication among persons working on the project, involving the client as closely as possible to meet translation demands and requisites.

Some translation companies position project managers as custodians of translators, editors and proofreaders – more so like keepers of people within the translation team. It is somewhat unappealing to project managers when their job responsibilities involve looking after people when they should be intently focused on their job of managing their work. However, the liberty of having to micro-manage people within an organization is taxing, especially if some are not comfortable with having to be supervised closely and indiscreetly by their superiors. A transition of paradigm on this particular work relation (between the translation project manager and team members) must be initiated to empower those working on a translation project that they are as important as the project itself.

Project managers of a translation company work in close relation with the client and the members of the team to ensure that results are delivered, and that contents, style, authoring and design comply with the industry’s standards and specifications required by the client. This responsibility is, in hindsight, helps determine the success of the translation company. When project managers are able to perform their duties well enough as to make each member of the team move forward in a swift motion and steer them towards a common goal, then the job is fulfilled properly.

How a translation project manager steers the direction of the team in realizing project goals is fundamental in building the translation company’s reputation and credibility – two important factors that determine success in the business of translation. This special role accorded to project managers serve well in making the liaison between the client and the translation team. For without the assistance and supervision of the project manager, translation projects can only be finished up to a certain degree that may shortchange translation quality.

How project managers value communication is contributory to the working ethics and environment in a translation team. Being able to manage people effectively involves communicating with the members in an efficient and timely manner. For when orders and pertinent specifications are not fully comprehended by those working in a team, the project may not come out as successfully as planned. Besides assigning tasks to translators and other key persons in the translation team, the translation project manager must also be able to fluently communicate the client’s demands and what the team believes would work well for the project, and how these can be included in the project without having to dissuade or disregard the inputs of either client or translation team.

As liaison of the translation team, the translation project manager carries out a tough job, but nonetheless an enriching responsibility.

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