Tips On How To Do Business In China

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Tips On How To Do Business In China

Tips On How To Do Business In China

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2020)

The west may not know about China much but no one can deny that it is one of the biggest markets in the world. Today, it is the perfect place for starting a business because most of its population is not in debt and has plenty of cash to spend. The state tried to keep a wall between the western world and their people, which only ended up increasing the curiosity of the nation. As a result, western brands instantly become popular in China. However, it is also worth remembering that this economically successful state has a unique culture. You can’t apply the business laws and etiquettes which work in the US and expect them to work here.

Tips on How to Do Business in China:

You will need to make a set of rules and etiquettes according to the Chinese culture if you want your company to be successful there. Although every country has its own culture and requires companies to value their traditions, it is more important in China to get everything right because they are already skeptical of outsiders. There is a huge divide between that country and the rest of the world. There are a few things that we know about the Chinese thanks to movies but that’s about it. So, you will have to educate yourself on all important matters before you can start working in China.

business tips

Here are a few tips that can help you do business in China:

  1. Value the Culture:

Chinese culture is an important part of the people’s daily lives. And it is not just limited to celebrating a festival. There are aspects of it that you must keep in mind when operating there or you will lose the respect of your potential clients before you have even got it. For instance, there is a reason you see red so much in Chinese advertisement, they consider it a color of good fortune. Each color mean something special in the culture of that land, which is something you should be aware of before getting advertisements designed.

You should also be aware of the Chinese calendar and the special dates it contains. If you value those dates the same way the rest of the country does, you will end up becoming a favorite of the people.

  1. Don’t Say ‘No’:

A few things in the business world of China are considered rude and they are what you should avoid completely. Respect is a very important concept there even at the workplace. So, when dealing with your local colleagues or business partners, never say ‘no’ and don’t argue with them directly. The people there prefer that serious concerns should be raised in a private manner so if you want to talk to one of your employ or point out one mistake, do it without gathering an audience. Avoid all the rude and arrogant things if you want to stay in the good books of the Chinese.

business tips
  1. Make Them Understand:

Not all of your audience, colleagues, or partners will be fluent in English. This is something you must keep in mind whenever you are talking to them. Use short sentences and speak clearly so you can be understandable. Also, it is better to avoid humor completely. A joke in English might not make much sense to them, in fact, you can end up making them feel uncomfortable. All of your messages should be concise and clear to them so they can easily understand them without feeling bad about not being fluent in English.

  1. Slow Down Decision Making:

Regardless of where your company is operating from, keeping the employees happy is one of the easiest ways to increase productivity. In China, you can do that by not pressurizing your employees. Don’t try to force them into decision making. If you have any concerns regarding the process, you can discuss that with them later. But when an important decision needs to be taken, step back and try to slow down. That’s the only way you can reach at a useful conclusion.

  1. Language Assistance:

Before you meet your Chinese business partner, make sure to ask if they can speak English of not. If they can’t, you should arrange for live telephone interpretation. It is important to hire a native interpreter so they know how to handle the situation according to the cultural values. If you are going to present them with some documents, get them translated by a qualified professional company before the meeting. If you take these steps, they will respect you for not making things difficult. It is the kind of action that can help you build a strong bond with your business partner.

  1. Be Punctual:

Being on time is important everywhere in the world but in the business culture of China, it is of utmost importance. If someone is late to a meeting, it is considered an offensive act. They will think you don’t value their time and your relationship with them. This can harm the partnership so be on time to avoid any misunderstandings.

Winning over an audience and connecting with people who follow a culture different than yours is not that easy, but without doing that, we can’t progress in the world. Even as mere human beings, we should always be ready to love and respect other cultures. That is the only way for us to end prejudices and bring peace everywhere in the world.

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