Top 20 Website Of Freelance Jobs From Home

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Top 20 Website Of Freelance Jobs From Home

Top 20 Website Of Freelance Jobs From Home

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2023)

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Work should not be defined by the amount of money it brings. At the end of the day, anyone who puts in the effort to make money is doing a respectable job. They are using their strength to earn money and pay their bills instead of complaining about the situation and waiting for a better opportunity to present itself. There is nothing wrong with wanting more in life, but no one can reach the top without starting from the bottom. This is why no one should look down upon others just because they have an unconventional workplace or drive a cab for a living.


A lot of people look down on those who work from home. They think that those who work from home do not have to put in as much effort as they do. However, now that a global pandemic has forced everyone to turn their bedroom into their workplace, everyone has understood how wrong they were. Now, more than ever, the world needs to see that working from home is not less important by any standards. In fact, now that the lockdowns will be lifting in different parts of the world, many would wish they were freelancers and didn’t have to leave their homes to work.

Top 20 Website of Freelance Jobs from Home:


If you have a talent that you can turn into profit without having to leave your home, then it is about time to start searching for websites. Although there are a lot of them that offer jobs for freelancers, not all of them are reliable. Here are the top 20 websites of freelance jobs that you can rely on:

  1. Fiverr:

Create gigs related to your field and send offers on buyer requests. That’s all you have to do on this website to find work. It charges a 20% fee on each transaction, but it won’t disturb you if you are regularly making money.

  1. Upwork:

This is the favorite website of buyers, as most of them visit it to find freelancers. Like Fiverr, it also charges 20% on each transaction.

  1. Freelancer:

Freelancer is another option for those in need of freelancing work. But what’s worth mentioning is that you will find the high competition on all of these top-rated websites.

  1. People Per Hour:

As the name suggests, you can offer your services per hour on this platform. You will get paid by the hour and not by the project.

  1. Envato Studio:

This was created for developers and web designers who wish to work independently. They will receive feedback in real-time so they can make improvements accordingly.

  1. Toptal:

If you are a software developer, financial expert, or web designer with fluency in English, visit Toptal today, and you might be able to find the perfect project for yourself.

  1. Simply Hired:

Although ideal for finding on-site freelance work, it can also connect you with home-based job options in over 12 languages.

  1. iFreelance:

If you are a writer, coder, or editor, and wish to keep 100% of your earnings, register on this website and start looking for work straight away.

  1. College Recruiter:

Every adult remembers the college days when they were completely broke. If you are still in college and looking for a way to earn money, visit this website today.

  1. The Creative Group:

Artists, photographers, marketing experts, all the creative professionals can search for home-based and full times jobs on this website.

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  1. Crowded:

Like other websites, it also allows sellers to connect with buyers. Job postings are gone pretty quickly, so you will have to make sure you get there before the others.

  1. FlexJobs:

Do you want to access screened jobs and regularly read tips for finding work? Try FlexJobs today and see how it changes your life.

  1. CrowdSource:

Some big publishing companies offer projects on this website. It assigns work to freelancers in parts. Only when someone does well do they get to work on the remaining project.

  1. Freelance Writing Gigs:

If you are ready to write on a bunch of different topics, then visit this website today and get access to regular job postings.

  1. Peer Hustle:

Do you want a freelancing job near your location? Peer Hustle can help you with that. For each posting, you will only be competing against the applicants from your area.

  1. Universal Translation Services:

If you are a qualified translator and wish to earn well, then visit this website, and you might get hired to work remotely for the agency.

  1. Project4Hire:

Another famous website is Project4Hire that offers freelancing jobs to graphic designers, programmers, bookkeepers, etc.

  1. Craigslist:

A lot of people are unaware that Craigslist is a great website for looking up work. You can find freelancing jobs anywhere in the world with the help of this site.

  1. Nexxt:

If you wish to look for projects yourself, then you can do it at Nexxt as soon as you are done with registration. You can also decide whether you want to work with big companies or small ones.

  1. Guru:

Search for a job by type and display your previous work easily on Guru. With its amazing dashboard, project management will become super easy for its users. If your performance is good on a task, the site will connect you with the same clients in the future too.

Finding translation jobs was never easy, but it is becoming more and more difficult every day. However, the internet makes it easier for freelancers to connect with buyers from all over the world.

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