transcription services

Transcription Services

Transcription Services

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2023)

Among the many linguistic processes there is one that continues to grow due to popular demand – Transcription, which is the translation of an audio or video material into a desired language. This rise in popularity of this process mostly takes place in various business fields.

Why Transcription

The process of transcription

The processes through which an audio recording becomes a transcription:

  • First, it is determined which specialization it falls into.
  • Next, the written document of the audio file is produced
  • And Third, the written document is then translated and proofread by two separate native linguists

Where is transcription needed?

  • Legal sector where interviews, oral statements or telephone conversations are requested to be translated
  • Business sector for recordings of meetings or focus groups
  • Media sectors where translations are needed for world cinema and international marketing campaigns
what is transcription
transcription benefits

The advantages in using transcription services


Transcription has many benefits, and that’s why it is not going to go out of use anytime soon, or maybe ever. As much as we love relying on digital data, it can be destroyed or lost pretty easily, even the backup which is why it is good to have a written backup in the form of transcription. Transcription is a sort of record of all your digital data. It is highly useful in researches as it is easier to read and analyze a document than to listen to an audio recording and then interpret it.

Transcription is the best way of keeping records of legal proceedings. This is why you still see the proceedings getting transcribed in movies and TV shows. Many people find it hard to stay focused when they are listening to an audio file, and these are the same people who can’t listen to podcasts. Transcription is highly beneficial for these people and brings a lot of ease in their lives.

Determining the specialization that the recording falls into is very important, because then the most specialized native linguists in that specific field will work on your project.

Producing the written document of the audio file (transcribing) is a process that can take some time, mostly because the recording must be listened to by the linguist and there are some factors that must be taken in to consideration such as, the file length, number of people involved in the conversation, dialog or any background noises. Generally, 1 minute of audio requires 4 minutes of transcribing, which means 15 minutes of audio requires an hour. That is why this part of the transcription process is charged by the hour for the actual time taken.

Now that the transcribing is done, the text goes through the translation and proofreading process which is done by professional native linguists the same way as any other translation project.

We can transcript any media file format that you send us as long as the audio quality is high. In this process even certain sounds are taken in to consideration, so, you have to make sure it is free from background noise so that the transcribing can take place.

Feel free to contact us for any transcription or translation request at [email protected] 24 hours a day.  We are here for all your translation needs.

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