Things to consider when you need to translate Ukrainian to English

translate Ukrainian to English

Things to consider when you need to translate Ukrainian to English

Things to consider when you need to translate Ukrainian to English

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2023)

There are many instances when you would need to translate Ukrainian to English, and one of them is when you intend to immigrate to the UK. You have your Ukrainian document that needs to be translated into English and you are wondering how to make sure that you have a decent experience for your endeavor. DutchTrans is here with a blog post to hold your hand and get you through the process.

Do you need to translate Ukrainian to English?

the Ukrainian language

The Ukrainian language


Ukrainian is a language of the Far East. It is incredibly influenced by Russian and is also a language with its own nuances that have outgrown Russian. It is also a language that is as far off from English as any language will ever be allowed being!


When it comes to immigration to the UK, you will need certified translation for personal documents. At some point, you will have to get someone to translate Ukrainian to English.


We have come up with a few scenarios for you to consider;

Official document translation


Whether it is a NIC, Passport, birth certificate or any other government issued personal document; check the Ukrainian to English translation carefully when you receive it. If you are not a fluent speaker of the target language, then find a friend who is and verify all the data, dates and other fine points of a translation. Just because you received a certificate of translation does not mean that the translator is above making any mistakes. DutchTrans can tell you, you are better off checking the content yourself and making sure you are not submitting any information that is wrong.


Whether you are submitting a translation for professional reasons or academic; if they are long, complex and require special translation services; then they are personal translations. These will require your special and thorough attention. Keep the following points in mind while submitting your translation request to the translation agency.

official document translation

List of keywords


Make a list of points to keep in mind when you submit the translation project to the translator. Make a glossary of words that the translator should accurately translate. Keep all the number of words, headings, quotations, references and other significant parts of the translation in mind. You can come up with any factors that you find important yourself.


The translator


Interview the translator yourself and make sure that he is up to the mark regarding the requirements of the translation and the special points that you should keep in mind. Otherwise, if the translator is not able to translate properly in time, you will have wasted all of your allotted time on a failed project.


The translation


Ukrainian words are different from the English language in a very basic sense. The ideologies that are being translated from Ukrainian cannot be found in English and that plays a deep role in creating translation hurdles for translators who are conducting nuanced translations between the two languages. It is not easy to translate Ukrainian to English, and the translator needs to be well-versed in both languages in order to get you an accurate output.

DutchTrans has written this article to make sure that you know what to check in order to see if the translation is done well and you do not fall into usual loopholes.

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