Where to find the best translation company in the UK

translation company in the UK

Where to find the best translation company in the UK

Where to find the best translation company in the UK

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2020)

You are looking around for the best translation company in the UK and you cannot find a single decent blog post on the topic. DutchTrans noticed! And hence, we have decided to write one ourselves. We have shortlisted the best online translation agencies operating in the UK and tried to determine which one would suit your needs.

The best translation company in the UK?

choice of reference

Our Choice Of Reference

DutchTrans have made this research based on user reviews because we believe that original and unaltered opinions are far better than blog posts that are made out of semi- sponsored posts from translation agencies. We have just taken the data provided and gathered it for your review.

Obviously, the research was also based on response time, availability, and price. We have in fact contacted over 100 agencies with a request for a certified translation and tried to determine which would be the best choice for you.

The Common Denominator

All of these translation agencies have various features in common as we have looked over several factors in trying to determine the best translation company in the UK. There are as follows;

Quick Service: All of them promise high quality translation in 24 hours if standard certificates and other important documents are to be translated.

Affiliations: They are all properly accredited and affiliated with the right certification agencies. They will be cleared by legal and judiciary offices worldwide.

Diverse Services: They all offer diverse services that should be taken up by various kinds of clients for translation, interpreting, and localization purposes.

the conclusion

The conclusion?

From the data we have gathered, interesting conclusions have arise.

In terms of availability:

  • 15% replied in a day or more;
  • 45% of the companies replied in 4 hours;
  • 20% replied in 2 hours;
  • 1 replied in under an hour;
  • some never replied.

In terms of delivery:

  • 30% of the companies would deliver in 2 days;
  • 30% in 3 days;
  • 2 companies would deliver in a day;
  • 10% would be able to deliver in a day if rush charges are paid;
  • the rest couldn’t provide the translation we have requested even if it is available on their website.

In terms of prices:

  • prices range anywhere from £30 to £100;
  • some include the rush fees into the above, most do not;
  • it is enough to mention that you need the translation in a hurry in order to get rush rates instead of normal rates.

Under the following conditions:

  • certified translation of a birth certificate from Danish to English;
  • needed in 24 hours

There have been only 2 companies who could do it in the allotted time at a fair price: £30 and £35 respectively.

DutchTrans has not been included in the research for the following reasons:

  • we reply to client requests instantly, and send free quotes in 5 minutes;
  • we charge £20 per page;
  • we deliver in under a day and do not have extra rush rates.

To conclude, it looks like any translation company in the UK is charging high rates, especially for urgent jobs. The price are prohibitive in some cases, and rather high in others.

Why translation prices are higher in the UK compared to the US is beyond us. We also find it weird that although some companies advertise services for certain languages, they can’t actually do it. Even worse, some companies having pages and pages about the fact that they provide certified translation for immigrating to the UK actual can’t do it. So, when it comes to translation, it is best to first have a look at the company before jumping into working with any of them.

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