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Dutch Translation

Dutch Translation

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2022)

One may overlook the need for translating Dutch which exists in various sectors, including business, agriculture, and transportation.

Translating Dutch could do wonders for you

The Dutch know English

Due to the astounding ability of Dutch people to learn other languages, particularly English, some people discount Dutch as a language that would need translation therefore translating Dutch may not be necessary. It is reported by some research that 87% of Dutch people have a “working knowledge” of English. This is over double the European average.

This means that tourists who are able to speak English can usually have a reasonable conversation with nine out of ten Dutch people. They might be able to give tourists directions or answer basic questions. Many people rave about the ability to ask almost anyone in the Netherlands something in English and get a very clear and correct answer. But to think that this means that Dutch people “think” in English or make considerable decisions about their lives or habits is a big jump that the evidence doesn’t justify so translating Dutch is a necessity.

Dutch know English
translation is still needed

People are more likely to “live” and “think” in their heart language

They are more likely to make emotive decisions in their own language. Therefore, any company who thinks they can simply market their products or have the Dutch public get to know them through English slogans or information would be making a huge assumption. Any company that wants to reach the Dutch population with products will start off on the right foot by offering information, marketing and packaging in Dutch. In order to do that, they will need to employ a company that does professional Dutch translation.

The fact that 87% of the population has a basic understanding of English does not mean that you can forget about translating Dutch. While a basic understanding of the language may help you to find the McDonalds down the road, it is not guaranteed to be suitable for translation of complex business or legal documents. These kinds of matters need to be handled by professionals, not just someone who may have passed English in the school system with less than average marks.

Need to Reach a Dutch Audience?

There are all kinds of speculation on the internet about how Dutch and specifically people from Scandinavia speak such wonderful English, from movies and subtitles to ages where kids start learning in school to which language family they all belong. The Dutch, in general, should be complemented on their wonderful grasp of English. But remember, if you need to start translating Dutch, don’t take a shortcut. Hire DutchTrans for the best and most professional service for translation and web localization. If you want the best, it’s easy to remember —

The economy of the Dutch predominantly prides itself on manufacturing enterprise in the chemical, food processing, petroleum refining, financial service, and electrical machinery areas. Whether you are doing business in or with the Netherlands or the Dutch-speaking sectors of Belgium, the Surinam or the Netherland Antilles in the Caribbean, you need translating your business content into Dutch by native Dutch translators who understand the specific differences in the language.

It might be not a surprise that businesses become stronger if they request to the Dutch audience in their business marketing. While having your business content or website translated into Dutch by the professional Dutch translator might seem to be costly, it really can pay off, offering a constant ROI. Businesses would be better off taking the leap and diving into the Dutch market rather than avoiding it and risk ignoring an excellent opportunity to grow their bottom line.

The years of fine service and experience help build the case that DutchTrans has what it takes and has years of service to many different satisfied customers. This should give anyone confidence that DutchTrans is a great company from which to get accurate Dutch translation services.

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