Effective Translation Project Managers: Ensuring Deadlines

translation project managers

Effective Translation Project Managers: Ensuring Deadlines

Effective Translation Project Managers: Ensuring Deadlines

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2023)

Most, if not all translation agencies in the world today, are managed by translation project managers. Tasked with the over-all operation of a particular translation work, they lead a team of as little as five people and up to more than fifty translators all under their wings. Supervising them in terms of scheduling and quality control makes the translation process more harmonious and efficient as deadlines are met and contents are managed. The project manager makes up the consistent and cohesive structuring of translation jobs which further amplify translator efficiency and quality.


Translation project managers – what do they do?


Effective translation project managers are highly skilled persons who are able to multitask and make smart business decisions that further the translation agency in terms of client loyalty and quality results. Quite often, when a client gets the services of a language company, he is most likely to ask about the project manager and his related skills and experience. This indicates how clients look at the role of translation project managers as something that could deliver customer satisfaction. Yet this important role of the project manager is sometimes overlooked by other translation agencies that, in fact, should refocus on giving project managers a high premium in the valuation of companies’ human resources.

Of course, the job of the project manager is not just limited to scheduling deadlines and ensuring quality in content translation. These important qualities must be imbibed by translation project managers who want to succeed in the aggressive industry of translation.

Great Multi-Tasker – Project managers have to tackle a number of responsibilities that could vary from assigning tasks, editing and proofreading, and countless other work that makes up the whole translation process. Being attuned with these multiple roles, he is able to balance and maintain critical components of a translation project. One good thing about the translation industry today is the maximization of translation technology and project management system which makes a project manager’s job easier, cost-efficient and manageable.

Problem Solver – With the challenges and difficulties in the translation work, translation project managers must be able to resolve conflicts and issues before they even become worse. Solutions are found without having to compromise important components of the translation process. This effectively makes a positive and harmonious culture among translators and clients.

Communicator – Because translators rely greatly on instructions and timelines for translation outputs, project managers are expected to make effective communication channels which make these instructions and timelines understandable and coherent for both the translators and the clients.

Organized – Successful project managers know how and what to prioritize. They provide the structure and form of translation projects that translators are to follow. Being organized with multiple tasks makes the project manager highly adept in the art and science of management.

Positive and Focused – The rigors and demands of translation projects can often be uneasy and stressful. Project managers, therefore, must always have that positive attitude to inspire translators and clients despite the enormity and challenges of translation projects.

Flexible – Being able to manage people and resources, and multitask at the same time, is simply a gift of learned translation project managers. They are able to adjust to the demands of the industry and the clients, and are able to recognize opportunities for growth among their team of translators.

Following through these points will surely help project managers attain further stature and reputation in the industry of language translation. Successful translation project managers are made and developed through variable and multiple tasks and responsibilities that are accomplished with the highest regard for consistency and drive for excellence.

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