Typical Irish Gaelic Words And Sentences

irish gaelic

Typical Irish Gaelic Words And Sentences

Typical Irish Gaelic Words And Sentences

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2020)

Everyone would agree that British accent is one of the best accents in the world. But anyone who has heard Scottish and Irish accent knows that there is tough competition in the region for the title of the best accent. There are special features of each accents that make them unique. And when it comes to the British accent, people don’t realize that there are more than one type of accents in the UK and what everyone calls the British is actually the London accent. Even the British don’t like some of their country’s accents. But Scottish and Irish accents stand apart from the rest of the world. They have a harsh and raw quality to them that increases their appeal instead of decreasing it.


The history of Scotland and Ireland make the accents of those places even more special. To many people, the tone of the two sounds the same. There is a reason for that as well. Both Irish and Scottish languages have the same origin. They are both Celtic languages and therefore share a few similarities. The two are also sometimes referred to as Gaelic languages which confuses people who don’t know the meaning of the word.

Gaelic has its origins in the word Gaels and the later refers to an ethnolinguistic group that is native to the northwestern Europe. And that’s why the languages spoken by the Gaels are called Gaelic. Since the defining factor of the group is not just their ethnicity but also their language, the vernaculars of different Gaelic people share many features. This is why the Scots call their tongue Scottish Gaelic. Although it is called Irish in Ireland, some people call it Irish Gaelic. The Irish are an excited bunch of people and that’s why they are always coming up with new words and phrases to describe different things. A lot of famous Irish words have ended up in English and many times the speakers don’t even realize that they have just said an Irish word.

irish gaelic
irish gaelic

Language is a big part of Ireland’s culture and that’s why they have no trouble updating it every other day. The people of Ireland are known for partying and that always mean coming up with new slang words with friends. Anyone who wishes to visit the country must familiarize themselves with the most common slangs and phrases to keep up with the native population. If you are English then you must know a few of the Irish slangs already. But it is still better to find out the meaning of each instead of getting offended because sometimes one slang may not mean the same everywhere.

Typical Irish Gaelic Words and Sentences:


If you want to visit Ireland and be able to communicate with the local people without losing your mind, it is better to pick some Gaelic words and sentences which are common in the country. You don’t have to find out about the old Irish words and phrases. Some of them have changed drastically over the years, while others have gone out of use completely. So, your focus should only be on the current words that everyone in Ireland use in day to day conversations.

Here is a list of typical Irish words and sentences to help you out:

  1. The Messages:

Once you are in Ireland, you will hear people frequently saying that they are going out to do the messages. If you think there is a special place where everyone gathers to send messages, you would be wrong because the messages are what the Irish call the groceries.

  1. A Jumper:

This is one of those words that have made its way into England. A jumper is a sweater or a pullover. So, if someone tells you to bring along a jumper, it means the weather is expected to get chilly.

  1. Níl Gaeilge agam:

If you don’t want to get lost among people speaking Irish then you must remember that phrase. It simply means ‘I don’t speak Irish’. This will help you get the people to move to English. Once they do that, it is you vs. their slang. But at least you won’t have to deal with Irish Gaelic.

  1. Dia dhuit:

Show them your manners by saying hello in Gaelic. Even if you can’t say any other words in the language, it will give you a good start with any native person and they will be more friendly towards you for learning a word of their tongue.

  1. Saol fada chugat:

If you want to say something nice when parting with a good host, say this phrase to them. It means ‘long life to you’ and convey your love and respect to that person.

  1. The Jacks:

If you need directions for the toilets, you must say where are the jacks because that’s the Irish term for them. Saying toilets is frowned upon in the country.

  1. An mor ata air?

You can’t go to a country and not buy anything, right? But if you are buying something in Ireland and need to know the price, this is the phrase you will use. The seller will tell you the price and you can purchase the souvenir you wanted.

Whether you are talking to someone in Ireland in English or in Irish, you will have difficulty understanding them. But knowing the typical phrases and slangs can help you get through your trip to the country.

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