The UK, Europe and Brexit- Certified translation services

UK and Europe certified translations detailed

The UK, Europe and Brexit- Certified translation services

The UK, Europe and Brexit- Certified translation services

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2023)

UK and Europe certified translation are needed more than ever? What role will Brexit play in the entire immigration scheme? DutchTrans is going to show you the different systems of UK and EU regarding certified translation. Also, we will approach the new EU proposal of regulation for certified translation that tends to make the process easier for EU citizens.

UK and Europe certified translation services required for immigration

UK and Europe certified translations useful

Main differences: UK vs EU

The UK has a different type of law when it comes to translations. It consists in a standard legal law system while the other countries of Europe are into a civil law system that has specific rules for each state. The differences between those two systems will be explained below. However it’s mandatory to have access to an UK and Europe certified translation agency.

Common law:

A certified translation in the UK is the translation of a document or certificate required for official use, translated by an accredited translation professional by a company with a certified translator who attests that the job is complete and accurate. In common law countries, there is not an official way of process regulating the status of a certified translator.

The accredited translator can be a professional having a diploma in England or Ireland, that must be a native speaker of the target language, having an in-depth knowledge of the language and have studied translation. His process of certification would involve a declaration of accuracy and a copy of the original document. The agency can also sign and seal/ stamp the translation on behalf of the translator who translated. This is how certificate translation services work.

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Civil law: UK and Europe certified translations explained


In the Civil La countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Greece and Spain, only official sworn translators or agencies working with these translators can certify translations. Each country has different criteria for those who want to become a sworn translator. I

n most cases, they have to pass an official national state exam, be registered at a court of Justice. You can recognize these professionals by their job titles. As an example, in France, they are called traducteur assermente/traducteur expert judiciaire.

The certification is the civil law countries will take a longer time as the translator must stamp their documents. This is another important element to consider when it comes to UK and Europe certified translations.


Recent facts: new regulations with respect to UK and Europe certified translations


Dutchtrans is talking about the announced EU Referendum n the UK. For the notarial and translation profession, the impact of Brexit may have significant consequences. But a new EU regulation, which will affect many areas of notarial practice and reading, has been ignored- even though it will enter into force well before the UK leaves the EU.

This regulation concerns the requirements for notarizations, legalization, and translation of personal documents. Basically, everything that has to do with UK and Europe certified translations. Thus, it’s important that you will collaborate with a professional translation agency.

UK and Europe changes
Brexit influence immigration process

Personal documents for UK and Europe certified translation:

EU citizens that are mobbing to live or worked in another part of the European Union will not have to prove the authenticity of their documents using an Apostille. Similarly, the regulations will also avoid the need for certified or notarized translations of birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates.


In terms of rules, a public document is issued by the authorities of a member state that established the following facts; birth, being alive, death, name, marriage, divorce, registered partnerships, dissolution of a registered company, parenthood, adoption domicile or residence, nationality, absence of a criminal record and right to vote.

What to keep in mind for UK and Europe certified translation:


Things are changing fast and not always for the better. However, if we want to live and work in a different European country or the UK in itself, we must abide by the low. Brexit will influence the way countries interact with one another.

When it comes to the immigration process, it will be more strict and it’s important to have access to a UK and Europe certified translations services. Call Dutchtrans now for more information!

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