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Questions About UK Certified Translations? See Our Infographic!

Questions About UK Certified Translations? See Our Infographic!

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2023)

DutchTrans is a fully recognized UK certified translations agency offering competitively priced lawfully declared translations in over 200 languages to a range of clients from individuals to prominent organizations.

Here, at DutchTrans, we fully understand the importance of legally authorized translations for that reason we offer accurate and certified translations to our clients based both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

We are also known as one of the leading providers of translation services by working with an assortment of clients internationally.

What are UK certified translations?

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Wondering what UK certified translations are all about? Check out our free infographic containing everything you wanted to know and was afraid to ask.

A certified translation is the translation of documents such as personal certificates, professional papers, contracts, technical manuals, etc. which for legal reasons, should be translated accurately and accompanied by a signed statement of precision from a certified agency, such as ours. Officially certified translated documents are legally recognized and accepted by government and other official bodies in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Official documentation often requires an officially recognized stamp, affirming both the ability of the translator and the accuracy of the translation. This is where certified translation becomes appropriate. As our translation agency is a registered member of the ATA, we are authorized to provide high-quality translation services which are legally recognized around the world.

Tired of reading? How about saving our infographic for later use? Download the image from here or save it in pdf format.

What are the Main Benefits of UK Certified Translations?

A certified document is more efficient to use. Whenever an organization needs to review documents, the entire process can be much faster with the certified translation. The government bodies, businesses, schools and other organizations cannot always rely on the accuracy of non-accredited document translations.

Here are the most popular types of Translation:

  • Certified Translation
  • Notarized Translation
  • Sworn Translation
  • Apostille

How does the process of certifying translations work?

You will need to send your documents either by email or one of the translator/company contact forms. After that, a quote will be sent back to you within a determined time depending on the provider. Then, once agreed, the translation process begins, and you will receive your documents translated on one of the agreed deadlines.

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Do I Need UK Certified Translations?

There are quite a few causes why you need your UK certified translations officially certified. If the organization you are sending the documents to requires certification, you will need it. If not, you have to decide whether the small increase in price offsets the improved reliability and the ease individuals and organizations will have to accept certified document translations.

Who Can Certify My UK Certified Translation?

To ensure that authorities legally recognize your documents, they will need to be translated and certified by an officially registered translator and a translation agency which is a member of the ATA (American Translators Association), just like DutchTrans.

Translation Projects

As every UK certified translation project is different and aims to serve a different purpose, it is essential to be aware of circumstances. A different level or type of official documents may need a more official translation. We not only accurately translate and officially certify your documents, but we also appreciate that time can be an important factor and if required, we can provide this service at short notice.

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