Some UK immigration rules worth mentioning

UK immigration rules

Some UK immigration rules worth mentioning

Some UK immigration rules worth mentioning

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2020)

You are looking for necessary information on immigrating to the UK, and you found that the UK immigration rules are confusing on the official website, and the UK immigration policy not very helpful? DutchTrans can help you out!

UK immigration rules

Your question is simple; you want to understand the UK immigration rules and get a job in the UK as a foreigner, how do you do that?

visa types

Visa types

The UK immigration policy is rather simple now since one of their visas has been discontinued.

The Tier 1 visa. The infamous, most-wanted visa, helping you to immigrate without a job offer, is now permanently closed for single individuals. You can follow up in the Tier 1 category if you have family immigration aspirations.

Tier 2 Visa. In this option, you can get a visa if you have a job offer from a company and a person living in the UK will sponsor you. It usually means a company that is willing to hire you.

We decided to discuss the options and eligibility that you can have if you are going for a Tier 2 visa.


The UK immigration rules state the following requirements:

  • You will need an offer letter from a company in the UK. The position that you have been offered has to fall under the category of skilled jobs in the immigration index.
  • DutchTrans would like to remind you that you cannot belong to European Economic Area (EEA) or to Switzerland. Citizens belonging to the EU are still allowed to travel and work here according to the UK immigration policy.
UK immigration policy requirements

UK immigration policy, simplified


Sponsorship Procedure

If you are eligible according to the UK immigration rules mentioned above, then you have to go to the next step and start working on the sponsorship requirements:

  • A licensed sponsor will have to employ you so that you will have the permission to live in the UK.
  • The sponsor will give you a certificate of sponsorship that will make you eligible for a visa.
  • They will provide you an implicit contract, the payment, all the allowances, days of leaves and other matters with the certificate of sponsorship. You will be advised to keep the document safe.


Although there is no mentioning of the duration in the UK immigration policy, the whole process takes up to six months give or take. You should apply for a visa three months before your joining date in your UK office.

The response time on visa usually takes up to three weeks. But every country gets their time schedule so keep that in mind while applying.

The Immigration Index

We know that your head spins when you open the immigration index, but we will still advise you to read through the document. This document explains the time it will take you to get the process.

Far more importantly…

The many immigration options that are available to outsiders when they are considering moving to the UK are essential, and you should peruse through them. It is cool that you got an offer from a company in the UK, but you should look into all of your options. Maybe there are other options that are more suited to your needs, and you may find out more about them in the UK immigration policy.

Immigration into the UK is a very sensitive topic. You should know as much about the UK immigration rules as you possibly can. You should also consider all the possible options that you need to review. We are here for all immigration-related translation needs and can give you next-day certified translation of all your personal documents.

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