What are the most important UK visa requirements?

UK visa requirements

What are the most important UK visa requirements?

What are the most important UK visa requirements?

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2020)

You are getting your documents translated for immigration, and you want to know what the most important UK visa requirements are? Well, DutchTrans understands your concern, and we have developed this article from the website of UK visas and immigration exclusively for our clients and friends.

UK visa requirements

We are aware of the general confusion that comes with using the immigration website, so we have broken down the details for you here.

when is translation needed

When do you need translation of your documents?


If the documents that you are submitting to immigration are not in English or Welsh, then you need to get them translated.

But some of my documents are in English, what do I do now?

If a document that you are submitting for immigration is in complete English, then all you need to do is take the report to the nearest UK embassy in your region and get the records attested.

What about the documents those are not in English?

A document that is neither in English nor Welsh will have to come with a certified translation also known as ‘an official translation’ in the UK visa requirements.

What is an official translation?


An official translation is a translation of a document that is done in a way that makes it worthy of being cleared by the UK home office. Following are the items that it must contain to be accepted by the home office, also known as YK immigration.

A certificate is ascertaining that the translation conducted by the translator is accurate.

  • The date of the translation
  • The full name and signature of the translator or the translation agency
  • The complete contact details
what is an official translation

Does UK law require notarization?


In UK, the translation is expected to have attention and signatures from the translator on every page of the provided translation. So the translator will sign every page of a passport translation because this will ensure that the interpretation is not affected with in any way.

No, and UK home office does not have much interest in notarized documents either. The attestation of every page ensures that the translation will be well accredited.


How can DutchTrans ensure acceptance?


We are a translation company in the UK and our personnel is well-aware of the UK visa requirements and as such, all our translations will be done according to those regulations. If you order with us, your translation will not have any credibility issues in the UK home office and we guarantee acceptance.

These were a few basic rules that are you should follow if you want a successful immigration process. DutchTrans is the best translation agency in London which provides cheap and guaranteed translations, in accordance with the UK visa requirements.

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