What Are the Translation Rates per Word In Ireland?

Average rates charged for translations

What Are the Translation Rates per Word In Ireland?

What Are the Translation Rates per Word In Ireland?

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2022)

What Are the Translation Rates per Word In Ireland?

Are you looking for a translator in Ireland, but completely unfamiliar with the translation industry? You have no idea what are the current rates, and how they are even calculated?

What is the average rate of translation? It seems like a pretty simple question, but there are several ways to answer it. In order to better understand translation rates, firstly you need to know the people that are involved in translation projects i.e. the client, the translation agency, and the translators.

Well, it isn’t a secret that translation rates per word depend on various factors. People often don’t know why it happens and how such factors affect the final price. Confused and frustrated, they might start trying several services in the hope to find some consistency, but sadly, there isn’t any single answer, and no specific rate is set in stone. So, the only thing you could hope here is to find a professional agency that is providing services at affordable rates, where every detail is spelled out from the beginning and there aren’t any hidden fees.

In this article, we are going to discuss what factors affect the translation rates and how so. Other than that, if you want to become a translator in Ireland, we will briefly discuss what’s the current salary structure of a translator in Ireland? But before discussing them let’s just quickly review the role of a translator.

translation rates per word in Ireland
translation rates


A translator helps people who speak different languages to effectively communicate and understand each other. A translator facilitates communication between people who don’t share a common language by translating their words into each others’ native tongue. They often work on documents for broader consumption such as brochures, books, and advertisements.

A translator is not just translating one language into another but rather they also educate their clients about the history and culture of their target audience. With this cultural understanding, the translator helps ensure the client abides by local customs so they don’t engage in taboo behaviors.

Translators translate various types of documents including lists, presentations, manuals, operational procedures, presentations, business report electronic data, and other sensitive material. Translators use their in-depth knowledge about the subject matter to effectively translate the content and provide a clear and accurate translation.

Because there are varieties of clients who need translators, it’s difficult to give an estimate of average rates for their services. As we know, the price of a translation depends on several factors, let’s have a look at these factors.


Here are some of the major factors that affect the final price of translation. 


Well, word count is the number of words in the text that you need to be translated. It is the major factor that decides the final translation cost. For instance, if you want 5 pages to translate, it’s obvious that it will cost more than the project that only has 2 pages (where 1 page consists of 300 words).


As we know every language is unique and different, so each has its own rate. So, your source and target language will also decide the price for your translation project. Some duos are rare, so finding a professional native speaker for them become sometimes difficult. Some popular languages such as Spanish to English language combination; the high demand makes them cost more. Pairs that are average in popularity are the cheapest ones.


Another factor that affects the rates is the translation agency you choose. As you might expect, those translation companies that specialized cost more. For example, if you want an expert lawyer who specializes in patent law, you’re going to pay a lot for this, the same is the case with medical, technical, and other related sectors. For any type of translation, including general or personal content, rates are usually lower.

In addition, subject complexity is also relevant: if there are lots of different words/phrases used for one concept, then it becomes harder to accurate translation; therefore, they are charged more. Read about Typical Irish Gaelic Words and Sentences.


It is also another major factor affecting the cost of translation. If you need urgent translation services, the agency will be going to charge you need. Some language service providers don’t charge rush fees, so it depends on what agency you choose.


Document format also impacts the translation cost, as some tasks require extra time. For example, if you need translation of content embedded in an image rather than a normal Word document. Sometimes customers demand handwritten notes first and before even translating them. As these services take longer than normal, so they charge accordingly.

freelance translation rates per word
translation charges per word


Other than factors there are three basic levels of service i.e. economy, professional, and premium, depending on the specific requirements of a translation project.

1. Economy

Economy service includes a light edit of a machine-generated transla­tion by professional linguists who have been trained for this purpose to correct only the most serious mistakes. It isn’t suitable for publishing purposes. This type of service cost less.

2. Professional

The translation carried out by a native-speaking translator comes under the professional service. Then a second native-speaking translator qualitatively analyses the translation. Finally, a dedicated project manager assures the quality standards. At the professional level of service, you can ask for translation memory as well. The rates of professional service are higher than the economic one.

3. Premium

Premium service includes the finest quality translation for publication purposes. Three native-speaking professional translators carry out the single translation project. The first professional translator translates the content, the second one fully review it and do correction (if any). Then the third one finalizes the document. Depending on the quality, the rates of premium service are much higher than the economy and professional ones.


Every project is different, so agencies charge accordingly. However, in general, a translator in Ireland charges 0.06-0.09 Euro per word.

  • A certified or sworn translation costs nearly 20 Euros per page.
  • Notary certification is 30 Euros
  • Solicitor certification costs 10 Euros per page.


Well, it depends if a translator is experienced he or she will going to charge you more than a freelance translator who just enter the field. In addition, for the translators working with translation agencies or companies, the salary will be slightly different from a freelance translator who works on their own.

On an average scale, the annual income of a translator in Ireland is 30,723 Euros. A recent graduate who has been working for 2 years makes an annual base salary of €28,000 (€2,100 monthly) plus bonuses, benefits, and overtime pay. A mid-career translator who has been working for five to nine years makes an annual salary of approximately $31,000 per year. A senior translator with 10 to 19 years of experience makes an average total income of more than €31,441 per year.

If you are a translator and want to start working in Ireland, you can apply on different websites in order to know about your market worth.

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