What Country Is Dutch Nationality?

Dutch Nationality

What Country Is Dutch Nationality?

What Country Is Dutch Nationality?

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2021)

If you are looking for Dutch nationality and wondering what country is Dutch nationality? Well, the Dutch language is spoken all over the world, mainly in the Netherlands. It is one of the most popular Germanic languages after English and German. People of South African regions, South America, Latin American and Belgium, and Indonesia also speak the Dutch language.

However, people who are born in the Netherlands are Dutch nationals. You can get Dutch nationality in several ways, for example, if one of your parents is Dutch national when you are born, you will automatically get Dutch nationality. Else, you have either the option procedure or naturalization to get the nationality.

If you are planning to move and settle you live in the Netherlands or if you want to complete your higher education there, you can legally apply for Dutch nationality as a foreign national. In this article, we will have a brief look at how to apply for nationality or Dutch citizenship.

Other than that, we’ll discuss the whole procedure that includes the translation of the birth certificate as it will be required during the process, so keep reading to get to know about the things in depth.


Well, Dutch nationality law is based on a principle called “Jus sanguinis” and it is governed by the Kingdom Act on the nationality of the Netherlands. Monarch signed this in the 19th century and it was officially implemented on the 27th of December 1984.

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So, citizenship is conferred by the birth of Dutch parents. In case the child is not born in the Netherlands to foreign parents, then Dutch citizenship will not be acquired.

Following are some ways to become a Dutch national:

  • When you are born and one or both of your parents is Dutch, you will automatically become a Dutch national. Same in the case of adoption, the acknowledgment of parentage will make you a Dutch national.
  • A short and easy procedure called option procedure will also help to become a national. It takes three months; however, this procedure is the only available specific group of people defined by law.
  • If you are unable to apply for the option procedure, you can go with naturalization. The procedure of citizenship by naturalization, minimum takes less than a year and maximum 2 years.

Further, it depends on the country you live in; so it is always better to contact the municipality where you live to get to know how to become a Dutch national.


If you are a Dutch citizen you might have one or more nationalities, however, it depends on the situation sometimes you have to choose between the Dutch and current nationality. When you have dual nationality, it’s a little unclear what your rights are. For example, your country of origin may require some compulsory military (Armed forces) services from you.

The Dutch government wants to limit dual citizenship as much as possible. If a person has only one nationality, the right will be clear. That’s why people who want to apply for the Dutch nationality often give up their original nationality, if possible; that’s a renunciation requirement. Similarly, if you will apply for a non-Dutch nationality, you might automatically choose your Dutch citizenship.


Whether you are from the American Virgin Islands or living in the Turks Island, and you want to apply for a Dutch nationality here are few steps that you need to follow. The Dutch nationality certificate validates that you are a Dutch national. So let’s have a look at the steps:


When it comes to applying for a Dutch nationality certificate, it is crucial to make sure that you provide the right documents. It is always a great idea to prepare a personal checklist for you so that you know what documents you need. It will be more helpful if you generate a maximum of 10 questions. For instance, how old are you? Under 18 or over 18? Like that!

Other than that the documents should be legalized. If your documents are in a language other than Dutch or English language you need to get your documents translated as well. If you want to avoid any rejection from the authorities, get a perfect and accurate translation. And that’s what we are here for. Our experts provide the best possible translations that will 100% be accepted by the authorities.

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A Dutch nationality certificate is only issued in Dutch, and we have a professional Dutch translator. So, let us help you become a Dutch citizen.


Depending on the country of residence, may be additional documents are required at the time of application. If you are from the United States, you need to submit proof of your legal residence in the country you live.

In the United States, you can get the proof by providing a valid visa and supporting documents, or else a valid residence permit can get you residence proof from the civil registry as well.

If you are an American national, you can show a copy of your valid American passport, but only if you were born in the United States or a naturalization certificate or proof of abroad birth; it will verify your legal residency.


After collecting all the required documents, send the scanned picture of your documents to the authorities and then request a certificate. The average processing time the application takes is 3 weeks. In case you are asked for additional documents, it can take more than 8 weeks.


Well, a birth certificate is very essential when it comes to immigration or emigration.

So, if you are a U.S. citizen and want to apply for another nationality, for instance, Dutch, you need to get the translation of your birth certificate before anything.

A birth certificate is an important document that represents your national identity and citizenship, so it is very crucial to get the most accurate piece of translation. No one other than a native Dutch translator can translate a document well. You have to be very careful while hiring an expert, as it will decide whether you will be a Dutch citizen in the future or not.


Worrying about where to find a Dutch expert? Don’t worry! We are here you assist you. We have the best professional Dutch translators in town. They have a full-on grab over the Dutch language, as you a native is always the best translator, that’s why we only work with native experts. They use their extensive knowledge and subject matter expertise to provide you the best possible outcome.

And when it comes to birth certificate translation, we have successfully provided thousands of birth certificate translations to our clients; you can check the feedback if you want. So, trust us and let us handle your documents.

We promise you 100% acceptance guaranteed at affordable rates. In addition, if you need urgent services, we are always ready to meet tough deadlines without compromising the quality standards. Contact us today and get yourself the best services.

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