What Does Tep Mean In Translation World?

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What Does Tep Mean In Translation World?

What Does Tep Mean In Translation World?

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2021)

What does TEP mean?

It’s still quite a mystery how we came up with so many abbreviations and frankly, whoever thought of starting it first was a genius. For those of you who still don’t know, an abbreviation is a short name or word combination for a larger word or phrase. An acronym is a word formed with the initials of a name and is pronounced as a word. Abbreviations make it easier for us to remember complicated terms and thus can be very helpful. Our lives are surrounded by them. For instance, you are often asked to provide your NIC at the corporate offices and national institutions. Why they don’t explain what that is, because you already know that they are asking for your National Identity Card.

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tep in translation

Popular Abbreviations and Acronyms and Their Full Forms:

So, this is something we have all got accustomed to, listening, and using abbreviations all the time. But there are many acronyms and abbreviations we use but don’t know the full form of them. So. if you are working in an office, you might like to wake up at 7 A.M, eat your breakfast at 8 A.M, get back home around 6 P.M, but did you know what are the full forms of A.M and P.M?

Well, it’s Anti-Meridiem and Post Meridiem which is Latin for “before midday” and “after midday”.

Giving an example became simpler with e.g., but it didn’t stand for the example given,

E.g., stands for Exempli Gratia which means “example given” or “for an example”

Next up is i.e., which stands for id est. This Latin phrase means “that is” or “that is to say”

Etc. stands for etcetera, which means “or other things”

R.S.V.P. This one’s important because many few people actually know its meaning full form. The acronym’s full form is “répondez s’il vous plait” which is a French phrase and it means please respond or please reply. It is often used on invitations implying that people can reply to the person below whether they’ll be able to attend a given ceremony or not.

P.S is what we all see at the end of an important email, letter, message, or document if someone wants to add a special note. The acronym’s full form is “PostScript”. Makes sense, right?

I.Q and E.Q are often calculated for personality and intelligence evaluation. And we know that a person with a higher IQ is definitely more intelligent than others but if you didn’t know the full form, they are “Intelligent Quotient” and “Emotional Quotient”.

You have your SIM Card on your phone, without it you won’t be able to call. So you surely know what SIM stands for. You don’t?

Well, it stands for “Subscriber Identity Module”. This is because it contains a unique identification number for every owner.

SMS, we all love sending them. Well, it stands for short messaging service and sometimes doesn’t fall true to its name.

ATM, this gives you instant cash of course if you have it in your account. Well, if you have been calling it an ATM machine then you are technically incorrect because ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine.

Speaking of ATM, you must remember your PIN in order to get a withdrawal. And again, if you say PIN number, you’re wrong. Because PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. Hence, it’s always different and unique to the owner.

What Does it Mean in The Translation World?

Even in the business world, abbreviations and short forms are always used for convenience. The translation industry is no different. You come across many short forms such as USCIS, CAT tools, DTP services, and so on. But there is one particular abbreviation that’s really crucial to the very core of ensuring quality translations. And that is TEP.

What is TEP, you ask? TEP is an abbreviation used in the field of translation agencies. It is more of the rules of professional translations. Any linguist who is working on a project that involves linguistic interpretation understands that ticking the TEP boxes is essential for a successful delivery.

T stands for translation of the given content

E stands for editing the translated text

P stands for proofreading which means checking the content for mistakes and such.

Translation of different languages is very important on the basis of public relations, businesses, and all matters pertaining to one’s social life. Important documents like certificates, wills, licenses, and contracts, etc. need to be accurately translated for them to be eligible. For this purpose, translation agencies are developed where documents are professionally translated for official use in different departments. In a translation project, the three steps of TEP are essential to creating a first-rate translated document.

However, it should be kept in mind that some companies may only apply one or two of the steps. The reason for this can be that they might want to provide the translations as fast as possible, and under such conditions, they may provide you with a simple translated document that hasn’t been reviewed or refined. In a translation project, precision is quite important and thus TEP can give a proper guideline on how to carry out professional translation service.

TEP process

Why Is It Important to Carry Out All the Steps Of TEP?

If the TEP is not followed entirely, the editing or proofreading step is missed or skipped, then there are chances of errors. The translator will only convert the words of content and does not check for mistakes in the text. It’s up to the editor to check the original material and compare both documents to check out mistakes. The proofreader reviews the document and makes sure that the document is ready to be delivered to the client. If you miss any of the steps, the product won’t be satisfactory. The completion of a translation project is not as simple as it seems.

However, to minimize the time for the processes, native speakers are often hired as translators and editors. Apart from language and spelling, they also ensure that the vernacular is understood by the local audience. TEP is a standard to ensure translation quality, and running a successful translation company depends on it.

So, if you are opting to become a translator or already working as a manager in a language service, then you must put your emphasis on TEP. In the online world, it will help you more than just delivering a satisfactory product. It will give you good reviews, a larger clientele, and ultimately, greater revenue. Not so much for so many benefits, right?

Translation Editing and Proofreading Process

A few helpful tips to reduce your TEP process time is by inquiring about the specifications and requirements in detail before starting the project. If there are PDF files, ensure that everything is visible and written clearly. If it’s an official document such as a birth certificate or a Police report, double-check the dates and names before working on them. Also, ask the customers whether they need a certified translation or a regular one.

For localization services, knowing the language requirement may not be enough, you might need to confirm the dialect as well. So when you are done with all that, there is practically nothing keeping you away from delivering a successful project to your customers.

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