What is app localization and how can it be done?

what is app localization

What is app localization and how can it be done?

What is app localization and how can it be done?

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2020)

You made a super cool app and no one is picking it up in your local ecosystem. You asked a friend and he thinks that it will do great in China. But China?! How are you supposed to make it available in China?!

Wake up my modern friend; you can make your app available in the whole wide world for all the Chinese people through app localization. But, what is app localization?

What is app localization?

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What is app localization?!

So, what is app localization? Localization is the process that makes your entire app in the target language. For instance, you need to get it translated into Mandarin for the Chinese population; you will ask for localization of your app in the Chinese market and our translators and software designers will work together. They will give you a new version of your app localized for a Chinese audience. You will launch them through Chinese search engines and soon you will have successfully spread your app in the millions of Chinese hearts and minds.

In other words, ‘externalize your resources’. All the snaps, content, tutorials, videos, images, features, and all other content that comes up on your app will be rewritten in Chinese and you can launch on social media in a Chinese oriented way.

Sounds too good to be true?! Trust us, it is too good, but it is also true. How app localization is done, you may ask! Let us tell you;

App localization steps


Presentation of every app, the format, the outlook, layout, color scheme, themes is all very significant to the success of the app. Focus on your target audience and see what kind of colors, theme, and mentality is prevalent in the culture. You will also make sure that the design is compatible with the local culture that the target generation enjoys.

Make sure that your content sits well in the design after translation and does not go haywire. A lot of translated content looks like it does not belong in the app. No point in wasting money on localization if you are not obsessed with the final outlook and the result distastes the audience.

The more you tell your translator, the better!

Tell your translator what you want to see and hear. Tell them about your target audience, your app, and all the content that you are getting translated. Make as detailed a discussion as you possibly can prepare for the email or the meeting with clear points that you have outlined. If you and your translator are on the same page, they will put in their own ideas to tell you how and what you should put in your app to get the audience attention and retain it.

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Check and Recheck!

This is it, it’s now or never. You have done your translation and you are trying to come out into the world with your shiny app. Check it over and over again and see that you are not missing out on anything in the content. You will have all the attention of the world if your app runs well. Make sure that all the content fits perfectly, make sure that there are no obvious cultural preferences, obligations or taboos that you are ignoring.

App Store Optimization!

Now, you will make your app worthy of the app store. Focus on search terms, optimize your content and draft product description that will climb the rankings.
Your app will be making the top in no time if you follow all of these steps and work with your translator well.

Now that you know the answer to “What is app localization” and know how it is being done, get to it. If you have any questions or you want to use our localization services, get in touch!

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