What is the Average WPM Typing for a Translator

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What is the Average WPM Typing for a Translator

What is the Average WPM Typing for a Translator

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2023)

Average WPM Typing Translator

What is your profession? Do you spend long hours working as a translator or a writer? If not, are you interested in working from home because the profession of writing offers this opportunity through which you can earn by staying home? But the most important factors that this profession demands are language expertise and typing speed.

As a writer, you may have experienced this thing before. You have a task of 1500 words pending which is due in a few hours, and you’re worried that you might not be able to meet the deadline. In such a situation, your average typing speed plays a significant role through which you’ll be able to complete your work within time. All you need to do is divide a certain number of words per minute.

If you’re wondering about how you can do this, the good news is that you’re just at the right place. This article will describe all about how you can find your average typing speed and what measures you can adopt to improve this skill. So, let’s start!

wpm typing speed
average typing speed

Typing Skills

Well, typing skills are the main priority of writers and translators as it increases their chances of earning more by becoming professional typists. Since computers have become so common these days, you may wonder why these typing skills have such significance. It is because people do their homework, create work reports, write metas and exchange messages with the help of their keyboard all the time, but some of them manage to do it faster than others.

The ability of a person to type fast is the typing skill that he possesses. Considering the significance, you must know that the faster you can type, the more rewards and success will lead to your gate. To perform a job well, typing skills are mostly an important thing to consider.

Average Typing Speed

According to some researches, it is determined that the faster you write, the fewer mistakes you make. Keeping this in mind, the average typing speed is your capability, or more accurately the maximum speed at which you can write. The average typing speed of a person is measured by WPM. Here, wpm stands for words per minute. It differs from person to person depending on how many fingers they use and what kind of work they’re doing. An average person can type about 30-40 WPM which is around 190-200 characters. Several techniques and strategies can be used to surpass this number.

An example would be, if you want to look for an Arabic translator, you’ll search online. In case you’re using two fingers for typing, it’ll take you about 25-30 seconds to formulate your request and click “search”. Now, this doesn’t seem like much but imagine how much time you could save if you have shortened this time by half of all your online queries. You should not worry about this skill; rather the results of the typing tests may surprise you!

What is the average wpm typing for a translator?

Although the typing speeds vary from person to person, most probably, you can write 36-41 words per minute with an accuracy of 92%. If you write any slower than this, there are chances that you may experience time management issues. You should completely understand the concept of touch typing. Briefly, it is not something which you cannot learn and improve but all you need is practice. Your muscle memory also plays a significant role in your typing speed. Some studies indicate that girls can write faster than boys. But this may not be true. You can only determine by looking at the characters also.

As for a translator, things may be difficult because you have multiple jobs to do. You don’t have to write a sentence only but your job is also to understand the meaning of the sentence and then translate it accurately by keeping the sense of the sentence the same. If you work for an agency, you may have to handle 2500 to 3000 words on daily basis. According to this word count, translating 1000 to 2000 words per hour is the perfect limit for you. Breaking this up into minutes, some translators write 80 to 90 wpm while the advanced typists can write 120 wpm or even above that. Hope you will love to read this blog post about What is a Human Translation?

average wpm typing speed
average wpm typing translator

Fastest Typist

According to recent research, the fastest typists in the world have a speed ranging from 160 WPM to over 300. You don’t need to type so fast that all people can hear the sound of your clattering keyboard loudly. But if you do so, you have the advantage of achieving many awards in your career. According to Wikipedia, the world record for typing speed was set in 1946 when Stella Pajunas typed 216 words in one minute on an electric typewriter.

As of today, the fastest typists in the world can sustain average rates of about 170 words per minute. The average typist, on the other hand, clocks in at only about 41 words per minute and makes 8 mistakes for every 100 words typed.

Improvement in Typing Skills

It is not compulsory for you as a translator to have the fastest typing speed, but if you do not break your bad habits and do efforts to improve, then surely it is your mistake. There are several ways through which you can improve your typing skills:

  • Take a deep breath and have confidence in yourself. You should find the time and master the keyboard you use and learn proper hand placement. Improving your typing skills requires good equipment as well.
  • Secondly, you should excel in touch typing skills. Proper touch typing techniques will reduce the time duration of your typing and you’ll be able to work more in less time.
  • The use of keyboard shortcuts will also help in improving your typing speed. Copying, pasting, undoing, and finding a word in your text can easily be done with the shortcuts of your keyboard.


For your assistance, we are answering some of the frequently asked questions. Hope it will solve all your queries!

What is a good translation speed?

The speed that seems suitable for a translator largely depends on the workload i.e. how many words the translators have to handle. However, a realistic average speed for a professional translator producing quality translations is 300 words per hour and a translation output of 2500 words per day. A good translation speed is usually 80 to  95 words per minute.

Is typing 120 wpm fast?

Some people say that CAT tools can help save your time which is true to an extent. Well, the question here is about 120 wpm. Now it is a speed limit that everyone cannot adopt. Only advanced typists can type 120 WPM or above. Because only professional translators can type these many words in a minute states that it is a fast speed.

How many words per hour can a translator translate?

As a translator, your source document determines how much you can earn and definitely how fast you can translate. At the average rate per hour, a translator can handle around 300 words per hour. But even this speed depends on accurate typing skills. Speed and accuracy are the main keys that can provide you with a good outcome.

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