What Needs To Be Translated For Schengen Visa From China?

schengen visa

What Needs To Be Translated For Schengen Visa From China?

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2021)

There are more than seven billion people in the world and the number is only expected to rise in the future. So, it is no wonder that all of us are divided in different countries. It would be impossible for such a huge number of people to be united. All of us have our unique values, languages, lifestyle, and culture. In short, our lives are completely different from each other, this is why the people with shared values chose different pieces of land and decided to stick together. Anyone in favor of world peace may look at the way the world is divided and feel disheartened, but in truth, it is okay if we all of us are not united. If all the people were living in one big country, it would be chaos.


We are better this way if we live in organized communities. Who says that world peace is unachievable just because we live in different countries? In fact, facing our problems on our own makes us realize how much we need each other. This is why whenever a state faces a natural disaster, every other country comes together to help. They not only do that to help but also so that they can have a friend in their time of need.

There are many examples of humans, despite their differences, coming together to help those in need. This is enough proof that we can achieve peace if we notice the value of cooperation. Not only does it improve the connections of states to help others but it also benefits the citizens of a country. If your state cooperates with neighboring countries and enter into treaties that will help in trade and lessen border restrictions, it will improve the financial state of the society and allow you to travel freely to other places. This is why there are various organizations where states come together and sign treaties that will help them both in different ways.

schengen visa

The Schengen Area:


Many people dream of a world where there are no visa restrictions and movement between international borders is allowed by the governments. But at the moment, we are far from achieving that reality. There are many reasons why such a policy won’t work for all countries. It can be exploited by terrorists and criminals. That’s why some states cannot build a region with their neighbors where there is no border control. However, that doesn’t mean that such a concept is alien. It is very much possible and its usefulness has been proven by the Schengen Area.

schengen visa

The Schengen Area is an area in Europe that comprises of twenty-six states. These states have abolished the use of passports and ended border control at their joined borders. This has helped the citizens of these countries immensely. Someone traveling within the Schengen Area does not need a visa, as long as they are carrying the passport of their country. Even for international travelers, the area has a common visa policy. Many countries outside of the area can also get entry without a visa. This extends to the states that are decided by the members of the Schengen agreement. The countries of the area keep updating their policies to offer different visa benefits to the people of various states.

Applying for Schengen Visa from China, What Needs to be Translated?


Since 2015, the second greatest number of Schengen visas have been issued to the applicants from China. There are many reasons why someone would want to move to the Schengen region. The member countries are all financially stable. Most of them are a part of the European Union which means extra benefit for the citizens. Studies are pretty cheap in the region. There are plenty of business opportunities for people in various countries of the area. China has a lot of restrictions imposed on its citizens which is why anyone would take a European country over it any day. However, China doesn’t fall into the list of states that can go to a Schengen country without visa. And getting a visa isn’t that easy when you are applying from China.

Not only do people have to fill all kinds of forms, they must also provide their documents and make sure they are in accordance with the guidelines of the country they want to visit. It is true that the Schengen countries have a common visa policy, there are still a few differences between the requirements of one state from the other. But no matter which country you want to visit, one thing you will absolutely need is the translation of your documents. If you are an adult, then you will need a certified translation of your passport. You may also need translation of the supporting documents but that is something which will be different for each case and will have to be confirmed with the embassy of the country you are going to be visiting.


If a minor is applying for the visa, they will need a certified translation of their birth certificate along with the consent form of their parents for visiting any of the Schengen area country. Make sure you hire a professional for the job so you can get accurate translations because without them, your application will get rejected. Since Chinese is complicated, you will have to find a reliable translator so you can get your documents interpreted correctly. Because once you have the translation, getting the visa will become a lot easier.

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