Where are the Dutch Translation Jobs?

Dutch translation jobs

Where are the Dutch Translation Jobs?

Where are the Dutch Translation Jobs?

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2021)

Are you looking for a job to earn but too tired to follow the office-going routine? If you are a bilingual speaker, this opens up a lot of earning possibilities for you. And in most of the opportunities, you can work from home. You can do home-based jobs like bilingual call centers, translation jobs, online teaching, and interpretation. Each job requires different skills in addition to language capability.

Also, jobs vary based on the language you speak. Among all language jobs, Dutch translation jobs are very common for Dutch speakers. Many translation jobs are done by freelancers but there are some companies as well that hire translators as employees and provide a home-based job for them. If you want to be hired as a Dutch translator, then this article will guide everything you need to know about the Dutch translation jobs. So, let’s start!

What Are Dutch Translators For?

The main duty of every translator is to accurately convey the meaning of written words from one language to another. Dutch translators are also responsible for the translation of the Dutch language into any other language that clients demand. Predominantly, translators were necessary for every field including business, legal, and technical. They work on scientific written materials which can be a letter, report, book, or article.

Moreover, they can also translate a fiction book but since these books involve gestures, expressions, and emotions of people as well, the translator must translate the sentence by keeping the sentence meaningful and accurate. For a single task to be translated, there are several responsibilities of a translator including reading the entire document, writing and editing the copy, using software to upload content (only if required by the client), preparing summaries, consulting with experts, and making sure to use the target language correctly.

Dutch translation jobs
Dutch translation jobs

A freelance translator should make long-lasting relationships with the clients so they can get their hands steady in terms of getting work. Dutch translators should keep in mind that they are translating everything according to the preferences of the client. Now, when you have a brief intro about the responsibilities of a Dutch translator, let’s move forward to the process of finding the job.

Where are the Dutch Translation Jobs?

Dutch translation jobs are available online as well as in an office working environment. Several websites specifically provide job online as well as office-based job applications. You can apply online by searching the web links that are offering jobs. Turn on notifications of each website for the job alert. Whenever a new Dutch translator job will be posted on any of the websites you follow, you will be notified.

Some of the websites that provide job offers include Freelancer, simply hired, indeed, up-work, people per hour, the translation people, glass door, and many more. These are all the websites that provide numerous Dutch translation jobs. You can search for them and select the one best suitable for you. Some of the Dutch translator jobs along with their locations is given below:

Dutch Language Consultant

It is a full-time job offer in Austin, the city of Texas by a company named Mid Tech. You should have a whole lot of experience for this job. It is because they are hiring people who forbid machine translation. The estimation of salary ranges from $46,000 – $60,000 a year but the exact payment amount depends on your hard work. Moreover, this job also offers the benefits of relocation assistance. You should not miss this great opportunity, therefore; get your hands on it before it’s too late!

Dutch Translator 

This job is hiring Dutch translators from the Netherlands. You can do this job remotely as well but there are some certain qualifications necessary for this job. They are looking for freelancers with the lowest budgets and the project length will range from three to six months. The main criterion of this job is that you should be fluent in the Dutch language. In terms of payment, it is offering $10.00-$23.00 hourly. This is a good opportunity for people who are interested in projects of a short time duration. Check our latest blog here where to find online translator jobs in UK!

Linguistic Tester

The global team of RWS in the United States is offering a job for Dutch translators. The exact location of their job is Cupertino, California. They have a whole team of linguists, project managers, subject matter experts, and localization professionals that work closely with customers to ensure good communication. Their estimated package is $30,000 – $39,000 a year but you may get a bonus because of your hard work. It is an hourly part-time job, with a non-exempt position. The working hours will be 6-8 hours per day (time frame: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm) and you must be available for 5 days a week.

Entry-level Translators-Multiple Languages

JTG is a company offering full-time translation jobs. It is located in Reston, a designated place in Virginia. You can earn $39K – $88K through this job. It focuses on the business sector therefore you may get more tasks related to business papers. The company hires about 51 to 200 employees and you can be one of them. JTG is currently looking for entry-level translators that are expert in their native language. You will be asked for the translation of the original documentation.

Dutch translation jobs
Dutch translation jobs

Dutch Content Editor

Lionbridge Technologies, a company in Los Angeles, California is offering a job to Dutch translators. It is a full-time job in information technology and therefore, the translator should expect technical documents for translation. Lionbridge technologies are providing other job offers in Austin as well and they provide 100% outstanding customer support.

Experienced people are the topmost priority at Lionbridge technologies. Their job specifies editors, proofreaders, creative content writers, translators, and many more. You can easily fit one of the qualities, so look for no more, and apply now!

Applying and Hiring Process

The hiring procedure of Dutch translation jobs is very critical because multiple people are willing to work and you have to beat their competition. Throughout and before the hiring procedure of the companies for Dutch translators, make sure to meet the following points:

Recognition Of Type

When you have finally decided to work, there is a lot you need to search before applying for one. There are many job types including full-time, part-time, and contract. Among these, choose one to know which one you can do better. Then you need to finalize your specific field in which you want to apply as well as the language in which you are an expert.

A Resume That Represents You

For every job, a CV or resume is mandatory. It is a document that lists all of your skills, qualifications, work, and experience everything a manager or a person offering the job needs to know. You should begin your career with an incredible resume that leads you directly to job acceptance. If you have a degree in translation, make sure to mention it. List out if you have done any spare courses.

Job Search

Next, you should look up job offers that are looking for employers like you to hire. Many websites link the employers and managers. Indeed ranks Job Ads based on a combination of employer bids and relevance, such as your search terms and other activities. Apply for all the jobs that suit you and get time for an interview. Most probably, you should apply for those jobs that are looking for native speakers of the Dutch language.

Interview Session

After receiving the time for the interview, visit the office. Be on time, and be confident. Your punctuality is the key way to impress someone. Give answers to the interview questions and try to be as formal as you can since you are not meeting your friends for a hangout. Do mention if you have any experience in translation or other freelance translation opportunities.

Job Selection

Once you are selected for the job, show your creative writing skills and set the rates of your tasks according to your work standards if you are doing a contract. If you are working online, make sure to contact the manager through your email address. Ask about your translation project openly if you have any queries. This adds professionalism to your work.

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