Where to find the best Japanese Translator Jobs


Where to find the best Japanese Translator Jobs

Where to find the best Japanese Translator Jobs

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2024)

Do you aspire to enter the market as a translator? Are you looking for Japanese translator jobs in Japan or anywhere else? However, it can be challenging to find this job. But don’t be afraid! we are here to help you guide how to make your first steps. In this article, we will provide a complete and useful guide to those who want to discover this field of translation. Hence, it will help you explore what the work is like, what job opportunities there are in Japan and all over the globe. Hopefully, it will clear all your misconceptions about what exactly Japanese to English translation job is? Let’s take a look over it where you can find the best job in the constantly stimulating and changing fields. 

Hence, translation is a broad term. The first thing that you need to be clear about is the types of translations. So, here are three big translation types:


It refers to the written language. Mainly, it is the changing of the words of one language into the other without altering the meanings. It involves changing websites, blogs, manuals, instructions, brochures, presentations, contracts, etc. to English or Japanese. Hence, the translator’s job is to render one language to another which could be both your native or Foreign language. Translators prepare summaries, convert texts and perform a wide range of activities including reading documents. Hence, they also work on written materials that can be of any type: scientific, technical, business, or legal.


It refers to the spoken language and oral translation in real-time. The interpreters translate what the orator says into another language. A person with excellent speaking skills can provide interpretation services. Hence, a Japanese or English translator provides interpretation for meetings. He also enables communication in business negotiations. Moreover, interpreters also provide support to businesses during conference calls. Many schools are offering courses for Japanese interpretation such as Kent state university in Ohio and Monterey institute international studies in California. Hence, many companies and agencies are offering interpreter position jobs.



This includes translations of multimedia such as anime, websites, software, and videogames.

Translation industry in Japan

After China and the United States, Japan is the third biggest economy in the world. The economy of Japan is based on the export of advanced technology. Hence, they have filed more US patents than any other foreign country. This is the reason behind the increased need for translators. A wide range of sectors in Japan includes work for Japanese language translators. The fields of video games, car development, movie subtitles, books, and novels require translators. The Healthcare industry is the second largest in the Asia-Pacific region. Hence, there is an increasing demand for pharmaceuticals and medical translators.

Increasing Demand In Japan

Foreign-based companies in Japan need translators to enter the Japanese market. Whereas, Japan-based companies need them to expand overseas and go beyond national borders. The involvement of Japanese in this field is very less because of two reasons:

  • They have a lower level of knowledge of English.
  • Translation from Japanese to English for the majority of documents is already available.

Hence, they just need employers or third-party companies who can translate those documents from English to their native language.

Companies employing translators in Japan and worldwide

Almost every type of company is offering jobs for Japanese translators in Japan considering the current world economic situation. Let’s take a look over the most likely options that translators can consider.

Translation agencies

This one is the best option if you are hoping to become an expert in translation. Hence, they offer translation services for private use and also for any other company. They have teams of professional translators working for them. However, they have proficiency in English language skills and many other target languages. If you’re looking to translate Dutch to Japanese, check this out.

Commercial and industrial companies

These are large size companies and they require translations of documents to sell services and products. They have translation employees in their human resources department. However, mostly they rely on translation agencies for quality translations.


Local, National and International Governments and International Bodies

Every government requires someone who can translate documents and attend meetings. This helps them create relationships and communicate with governments of other countries. Government and international bodies provide many opportunities. However, Asia-Pacific economic cooperation, the United Nations, and embassies are hiring translators worldwide.

Project-based or Freelance jobs

Like all other countries, Japan has an increased demand for Freelance translators. This is one of the best opportunities for experienced translation professionals. Hence, it is the platform to show your Japanese language skills. The freelance industry provides both full-time jobs and Japanese translation jobs from home. 

Due to huge trade coming in and out of the U.S., there is a great demand for translators in Japan. Hence, you can choose whatever kind of work you are interested in in the translation industry. There are 60 plus jobs for Japanese translators in the United States on LinkedIn and Indeed.com.

Where to find the best Japanese translator jobs

Many jobs are available for both full-time and work-from-home Japanese translators who are excellent in translation. However, we have listed some of the best jobs below to help you build your career.

Full-time and part-time jobs

If you live in Japan, there are several ways to find a job there. You can search for jobs on advertisement sites and social networks. Here is the list of sites where you can look for jobs. They offer both short or long-term projects for entry-level translators and expert-level translators.

Go to these sites and enter your email address to keep yourself updated through email job alerts. Hence, there is also another best way to find job offers. You can keep control of the companies that you are interested in. However, they keep on publishing job opportunities in specific areas of their websites, usually as “join our team,” “work with us,” or “careers.” Sometimes, they also allow you to send them your CV as a spontaneous application.

Recruiting agencies

These agencies help individuals find the best jobs that suit their objectives and interests. Hence, you should enroll yourself with some of these agencies. Most of them are working at an international level and are known worldwide. However, Robert Walters, Micheal Page, and Hays are some of the recruiting agencies looking for Japanese translators.

Freelancer jobs

You can make the most of the money in this kind of job. Hence, being independent gives you the chance to make benefits. But before applying for these jobs, you must remember that you have to be able to commit and keep deadlines. Here are some of the websites for Japanese translators.

All you have to do is sign up, make an attractive profile, add the work you are offering and your hourly rate, and have a little patience for businesses to come.

Hopefully, this guide will help you find the best Japanese translator jobs. If you still have misconceptions or confusion, you can contact us anytime. Our services are always available to help you find the best translator jobs.

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