Where to get paid to translate?

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Where to get paid to translate?

Where to get paid to translate?

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2023)

Are you good in languages like the English language, Spanish, etc.? But wondering how to get paid to translate? Many people are providing translation services from home or offices. Translation payments are quite high for some languages like Spanish translation, French translation, Arabic translation, etc. Professional translation and quick translation services have high pay rates than any regular basic translation project. If you have professional translation experience you are more likely to get high-paying jobs. You need good translation skills to build a brand out of your name otherwise there are many automatic translators’ tools are available which does vague and incorrect translation.

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Where To Get Paid To Translate

There are so many options in the freelancing world. In the freelancing world, you have so many options and you can do many experiments to grow as a business or a brand. You can work with various companies that are providing translation services or you can find direct clients who need translation services. In the former case, you’ll be your boss but there’ll be no one to get your back. You have to be efficient in finding clients, negotiations; you need to be strict to deadlines and quality.

Your client dealing skills must be excellent to make your translation business successful. Another way is to work in any existing and high reputed translation agency. It will be your regular 9 to 5 job with a fixed income. The third way is to work from home with online translation agencies. There are so many translation companies that provide their services online. You can work with them with flexible schedules and salary packages. These are specifically for people who want their translated documents online but not from individual freelancers.

Top 5 Translation Websites For Jobs

Here are the top 5 websites which have online translation job offers.


Gengo is a very famous and well-reputed online translation agency. They provide translators with reference material to help them in the translation process and meeting the client’s requirements. For most people who need to translate their documents from English to Japanese or from Japanese to English, there are many orders for the Japanese target language. They all also provide translation services in many other languages. The website is easy to use for translators. They pay through PayPal monthly or after 15 days according to the project you have completed.


TextMaster is another one of the biggest platforms for translation services. But it is a little hard to get in as a freelancer. TextMaster focuses on quality a lot. That’s why it has made the entry requirements tough to find the best. It is good for you if you have extraordinary or good translation skills. This website also pays higher than other websites. Their communication system with clients and employees is very flexible, super friendly, and cooperative. They pay through PayPal or Payoneer after every project completion.

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ProZ is the biggest translation platform. It is a community of translators where professional language translators and amateur translators are welcomed. It works more like Upwork or Fiverr but it is specifically for translators and translation jobs. Here person who needs his document to get translated, post a job. The translator requests the project and gets it done. They can negotiate on pay rates and methods of payment according to their needs and demands. If you’re starting your translation career ProZ can help you build your portfolio.

The Open Mic

The Open Mic sounds very familiar, right? It is a very friendly community of freelance translators. You will connect to clients here directly. Settle on the terms and start working on the project. After submission of the project, you can have payment from the client. But there is no automatic process and system through the website. The platform is just to connect you with other translators and clients.


If you are a freelancer or you’re a friend with any freelancer, you must have heard of Upwork. Upwork is a very famous platform for freelancers in every field and every niche all over the globe. Upwork is a very organized platform. You will never get scammed on Upwork. All you need to do is to make your profile as a translator on the website. Upwork will receive your profile application, review it and approve it. After approval, you can have access to translation jobs. For applying to jobs, you need to write a cover letter and Job application. If clients like your bid he will hand over the project to you.

Right after you submit the project, Upwork will automatically pay you for it. It is very good to build your profile. There is high demand for translation services and talented freelance content writers. So, you are going to get translation assignments here because it is equally time taking and tough task of writing content and translating actual content into any other language on customer demand. There are stars and reviews to help your future customer to know about your skills and decide your reward rates.

How To Start Translation Career From Scratch

To become a translator, you don’t need any degree or diploma. But having a degree or certification in translation will be your plus point while attracting customers in the translation industry. After that, if you decide your niche and work on your skills in any specific niche like technical translation will benefit you in long run. Sign up on any of the platforms listed above and start your translation services. There will be ups and downs but you need to stay determined and focus on your skills rather than finding high-paying clients.

How Much You Can Earn As Translator

The translation is an exquisite job to do. It is simply fun for those who have skills. You can pursue handsome money with this job. Alongside a way to earn easy money, it is also a fulfilling passion that has something new for you every day. So, in this way you can earn with enjoyment. The point of earning more depends upon the language you are translating. The languages in most demands for translation are Spanish, Mandarin, and German. The earning chances for by translation are available both online and in the office. You can earn by working for online translation firms. Or simply by working in a company requiring a person for translating.

Translators get paid at an hourly rate. The amount earned may vary for different people. As it depends upon the skills of the translator. It also depends upon the language you are an expert in. For instance, German is ranked as the highest paying translation language and a German translator can be expected to attract an annual income of approximately £34,000. In the US a translator earns up to $16.57 per hour. But people with expert qualities earn three times more than the average ones. In general, you do not need a degree for this job. But if you work for a specific instruction then certain certificates and degrees are required. It can enhance your CV too. For example, an interpreter who is certified by Translators Association can easily earn more than $66/hour. For building a successful translation career you must research your topic and enhance your computer skills.

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