Who can do professional translation from English into Dutch

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Who can do professional translation from English into Dutch

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2017)

Translation from English to Dutch – how hard can it be?

Dutch language is relatively close to English and German and has similarities with both languages.  Translation from English to Dutch, however, is pretty challenging and it can be made only by professional translators. If you do not know the two languages very well, you might find some similar words and even understand the meaning of a few sentences, but you will not be able to cope with the translation without a professional help.

Origin of Dutch and English

The modern Dutch language is relatively closely related to the descendants of the Old and Middle English. Dutch and English belong to the same language group Р the West Germanic languages. They also share a lot of similar words and you will probably be able to recognize some of them while reading a text.

In Dutch, the French influence is weaker and you will find less French loan words while English has plenty of them, e.g. entrepreneur, bureau, etc.

Professional Translations for Your Business

When working with Dutch, the translation from English should be done by a professional and experienced translator. Your business communication is essential for the development of your company and any misunderstanding with a client or a partner might lead to serious problems.

You may decide to make your employees learn Dutch but do not rush them to start making translations for you because they need to be really fluent in order to cope with this task.

Hire Native Speakers for Regular Translation

If you need regular translation from English into Dutch, it is a good idea to hire a native Dutch speaker with an excellent command of English. Thus, you will have an employer who will be able to communicate in the two languages but still you should prefer a candidate who has experience in translations. If you need to make a quality translation, it is not enough only to know the two languages but you should also be able to structure and organize the text properly. This is especially important in business communication where specific rules need to be followed.