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How to Hire a UK Translation Agency

How to Hire a UK Translation Agency

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2022)

Today it is common for robots and machines to do the job instead of people. When we are speaking about translating documents though, the best thing is to hire a UK translation agency and forget the robots.

Why you should hire a UK translation agency

Experience and certificates

We can check how long that company has existed and has been on the market. You should choose companies that have a lot of experience and time in the business. But that does not necessarily mean that young companies are not great at their jobs too.

You should ask for the UK translation agency’s certificate(s) or some other proof that show that they are a real translation company. So, we have to do a thorough check before we entrust our documents to anyone to translate for us! By checking, we also mean that you have to ask for references. Also, we can ask for samples to see how they have done it in the past.

translation experience
native speakers

Native speakers and their prices


It is very important to always ask if they have native speakers. That is a crucial detail in a translating job. Many countries have different dialects in the various regions. Phrases and expressions are very important in translation. If you want people to understand you, your document, or your commercials, you need native speakers. Only native speakers can credibly translate. Do not forget to ask if the translators are qualified, too. It is very important. Just because someone is a native speaker does not insure they will speak or write correctly.

What guarantee can they give to you? How do they charge, by the word, hour or page?

If the UK translation agency has a fixed price, what is the guarantee that they won’t change it half way through or ask for a higher price at the end? What is the guarantee if they do not comply with the deadline?

UK Translation Agency


We often find the wrong theory that anyone who speaks two languages can translate. The truth is that translation is a highly specialized skill that relies on the broad study of languages and cultures collectively with years of expertise to accurately interpret the meaning of one language in another, and in the UK only a translation agency can provide you a perfect language translation service.

As hard as it is to find the good, high-quality translators, the problems multiply when specific texts have to be localized within today’s short deadlines. Known LSPs have methods in place that assure tight quality supervision and feedback. At least one other expert proofreads every text after the initial translation, and the UK translation agency’s project managers track execution and reliability.

In complex work environments, the PM also maintains term dictionaries to ensure consistency over the large translation projects and between languages and assures that information is neither lost nor duplicated and the final texts are delivered on time.

Those are some questions and things you need to know and think about before you give your documents to a UK translation agency. You can find and check on the internet to see which translation agency is best for you and find information on what you need.

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