Why London Immigrants Are Urged To Speak in English

Why London Immigrants Are Urged to Speak in English

Why London Immigrants Are Urged To Speak in English

Why London Immigrants Are Urged To Speak in English

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2023)

We often underestimate how important a language is for people. It is an important part of their culture and their everyday lifestyle. This is why people continue to speak their native tongue even when they immigrate to another country. It is a way for people to keep themselves attached to their roots. However, language is also a way for the state to keep its people united. This is why there are official languages. Even multilingual societies have one lingua franca that makes them feel connected with each other. Cultures and languages are so important to nations that they want immigrants to follow them too. This is why immigrants often have trouble adapting because they have to learn a new vernacular and culture.

Immigration to the UK:

The world is always changing around us. Sometimes, the change does not affect everyone. But we can rest assured that it will affect the people around us. Many people in the world are living in scary conditions. Some are trying to flee a warzone while others have to protect their families from a tyrant regime. It isn’t easy for people to live in a country that does not value their lives. However, moving elsewhere is not easy, either. Every first world country keeps on increasing immigration requirements, which makes it difficult for people to move there.


For many people, the US is the ideal location for immigration. But for some, the UK is a better choice for many reasons. However, immigration to the UK is not any easier. Every applicant has to fulfill dozens of requirements. But even after getting through the process, people have to face day to day challenges. Living in any country as an immigrant is not easy. But when you are in an English-speaking, predominantly white country, things can get difficult.

London Immigrants

Why London Immigrants Are Urged to Speak in English?


London has the most foreign-born citizens than any other cities of the UK. But that hasn’t made things easier for the immigrants. They have to learn to adapt if they wish to survive in the capital of England. 98% of the UK’s population, over the age of three, speaks English fluently. On the one hand, this creates unity among the population. But on the other hand, this creates a problem for immigrants. Those who come from non-English speaking countries find it difficult to adjust to England.

Here are the main reasons why London immigrants are urged to speak in English:

Immigration to the UK
  1. Adjustment:

If immigrants cannot speak the language of the natives, they will have a hard time adjusting to society. The longer it takes for them to adjust, the harder it will be for the natives to accept them. At the end of the day, all immigrants are outsiders, and it is up to them to make an effort to adjust to the country they have decided to live in. The best way to do that is to communicate with natives. And in order to do that, people must be able to speak the language of the natives. The immigrants are urged to speak in English so the natives can see them as a part of the community.

  1. Job Opportunities:

If an immigrant in London cannot speak English, they will have a hard time getting a job. A lot of foreigners in the UK and London have their own businesses. But they had to learn the language of the natives to be able to connect with their target audience. If an immigrant is looking for a job in London, the first thing they will be asked is if they can speak English. Some of them might be able to get a job where being fluent in English is not a requirement, but it won’t pay much.

  1. Tutoring:

One of the most popular professions in the UK for foreigners is to tutor children. Foreigners can teach students at their homes. But they won’t get hired by parents if they are not fluent in English. They also won’t be able to do their job properly if they cannot speak the language of the students. If a Londoner can speak English, they will find it easier to get a tutoring job. It is the best way to make money and form connections in the community.

  1. Improved Vocabulary:

Immigrants who know basic English may find it hard to get jobs in post-Brexit England. The rules are tougher now for everybody, but more so for the foreigners. People must have a certain level of English-speaking skills to get jobs. If someone wishes to work for the government, then they should start working on their language skills. However, you can’t improve your language skills if you don’t speak it regularly. This is another reason why foreigners in London are urged to speak in English so they can improve their vocabulary. It will not only help them in communicating with the natives but also improve their chances of getting good jobs.

Language is very important to people. Many people who move to other countries teach their children their native tongue to maintain a connection with their homeland. But it is also important to learn the language of the country where you are living in you don’t want to face adjustment problems. The best way to integrate into a community is to learn its ways. Learning the culture and language of a people is a must if you want them to accept you as a part of their community.

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