Why Translations Are Important In A China Netherlands Trade


Why Translations Are Important In A China Netherlands Trade

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2020)

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The Relationship between China and Netherlands:


Not many people know this because of China’s reputation but its relationship with the Netherlands is pretty strong. The two countries have trade and investment ties that benefit them both immensely. China and the Netherlands have a long history of collaboration. It is a partnership that has brought many benefits to either partners throughout the years. Due to their relationship, it is very easy for Chinese citizens to do business in the Netherlands and vice versa. The Netherlands has good business policy already so it is a wonderful place for anyone who wants to grow in their field.


The Dutch imports more products from China than the export to it. Most common imports include textile, furniture, and electronics. Beverages and minerals are the biggest exports to China from its European friend. The open economy of the Netherlands means it needs investment and foreign trade to survive and that’s what it gets from China. The land of the Dutch is a gateway to Europe for all foreign companies. One of the world’s largest ports is in Rotterdam and that’s something China can greatly benefit from. This is how both parties have been enjoying the relationship.

Why Translations are Important in a China Netherlands Trade?


This is the kind of question people ask experts because they know the answer is already there, they just need to hear it. But understanding the answer is always important, simply knowing it is just not enough. Since Netherlands have business-friendly regulations, many companies turn to the country for a better future. But Chinese companies get extra benefits due to the connection between the two states. However, despite the connection, there are a few things that cannot be ignored and must be respected when operating in a foreign land. You can’t take your Chinese documents and posters to a meeting with the Dutch, you will need to get them translated in a language. There are many reasons why translations are important in trade. Number one will always be to attract the target audience. You can’t catch the attention of people if you are talking in a language they don’t understand.

Another reason why you need translations is so that you can discuss your reports easily with your investors and shareholders. Without Chinese translation in the Dutch language, no one would be able to understand the goals of your business. Even when the trade is happening on the state level, it is very important that you get the point across properly and the only valid way of doing that is by getting the Chinese documents translated so your Dutch partners can read and understand them easily. Without translation, there will be no trade and with it, there will be no obstacles on the way of success.

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