Why Translations into Dutch are Tricky and How to avoid Mistakes

Translations into Dutch

Why Translations into Dutch are Tricky and How to avoid Mistakes

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2017)

People speaking multiple languages can be considered blessed because they will not struggle to learn and they can expand their reach easily any time they want. But this is not life’s nature. Not all people were blessed with the ability to speak different languages, and we have to rely on others if we need translations into Dutch.

The reason why doing Translations into Dutch is tricky

Some of the Dutch phrases are confusing so translating them may sound awkward, regardless if it is in English or in other languages. You must be prepared if you plan to extend your reach business wise.  Translations into Dutch are hard to do because Dutch is a hard and challenging language. It features a lot of strange aspects like spelling and borrowing of words that are sometimes not expected.

How to prevent mistakes in Dutch translation?

The top mistake that may happen in a Dutch translated document is to have the content translated in a literal meaning. This has been a common mistake of a lot of translators. Web content or marketing materials will not impress the Dutch audience if the translation of the words or phrases into Dutch is of poor quality.

You just need to be careful when getting translation services because poor translation could offend your audience and that will bring you into trouble. This has been the problem of KFC when it attempted to reach China by opening a branch there. There was an issue with the translation of the phrase “finger linkin’ good”, which they later discovered that it means “Lick your finger off” in Mandarin. Needless to say, that marketing campaign didn’t get them much results.

Translating a phrase or a document must be done by experts, especially when it comes to translations into Dutch. Using native translators will make sure the translation if of great quality and will not harm your business.