3 Benefits of Using CAT Tools When Translating


3 Benefits of Using CAT Tools When Translating

3 Benefits of Using CAT Tools When Translating

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2020)

CAT tools stand for Computer Assisted Translation tools that are now known by translation firms and various organizations across the globe. Such tools are usually composed of translation memory software & terminology databases. However, this is not machine translation because it doesn’t actually translates, a translator works through the text and every unique sentence will be automatically saved into the translation memory along with its translation done by the linguist manually. At a later time, if the expression is found in another text, the tool will replace it with the translation, but the translator still has to go through the replacement and make sure it makes sense in the specific phrase.


3 benefits in using CAT tools for translation



One of the most essential things to consider when you spend some time and money using translation services is that the content must be consistent, even if it is a web page, a manual or a flyer. The terms, name of the products and the abbreviations must be consistently used through the materials. The goodness about using CAT tools is that previously translated content can be reused, so the translators will be able to keep on top of the phrases that were translated in the past.

Added savings

Because the previous translations can be reused, you do not need to spend the same amount for translating some of your old content over and over again. For instance, there is a manufacturing firm that translates big technical manuals that must be released in various languages. 12 months after the first translation, there were modifications conducted to the original English file, some paragraphs were added, sentences eliminated and others. They give the new version of the manual to the translation company which analyses it against the translation memory, and they will charge much less for the content already translated in the past.

Quality assurance checks

A lot of CAT tools were made with built in quality assurance features like the auto correction, auto flagging, grammatical and formatting errors, missing translations and others. Such tools can help the translator through the task even if translation memory is not being used.


CAT Tools:        

It is true that machines cannot take over every job. There will always be tasks that can only be handled effectively by humans. Especially the creative fields will always need the inspiring minds of humans. Translation is one such field where humans win the machine vs. human debate. But that doesn’t mean that machines can’t help humans complete their task with more efficiency and easy.


CAT Tools are an example of how assistance of a machine can save the time of people. Translators have to translate a different document every day, but more often than not they come across similar sentences and phrases that CAT tools help them recognize and remind them to use the translation they used the last time when translating a similar document. CAT tools are a blessing for all translators, not only for being so useful but also reliable. Using CAT tools while translating a document is like receiving guidance from a teacher during a test.

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