5 Benefits of translating your website from Dutch to English

translating your website is a must if you want to reach the global market

5 Benefits of translating your website from Dutch to English

5 Benefits of translating your website from Dutch to English

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2020)

Although your business may enjoy great success catering only to your fellow Dutch countrymen, why not invest a little in translating your website and let translators translate Dutch to English?


Translating your website into English = Global Market


Everyone in the world knows a little English, more than any other language. Chinese and Spanish languages may have more native speakers than English, but if you combine English native speakers and English as a second language speakers, it is the most widely spoken language in the whole world. Therefore you can count as your new clients or trading partners not only English native speakers but English as a second language (or even third) speakers as well. Even if it may be difficult to admit, English really is the lingua franca of the entire world.

You can stand higher than your competitors

Having a language option in your website gives the impression that your business is doing very well and you are ready to expand internationally (even if you are not, yet). This impresses your current clients and would-be clients. More so if your competitors do not have the same option in their website. Impressed clients mean more sales.

Increased online presence

In translating your website to English, you add more possible keywords for online searches. More keywords leads to more site traffic which leads to higher search engine ranking and therefore becoming more well-known online and getting more sales or partners.

Machine translation can be gibberish.

Although it is tempting to avoid the hassle and cost of translating your website by opting for machine translation instead, this would be detrimental instead of helpful. It does provide a quick fix for your language needs but the sentences machine translation spews out sometimes does not make sense, it can also be inaccurate and therefore unreliable. People coming to your site to be greeted by shoddy translation will be turned off and never return. They will forever have a poor impression of your company. The money you might have saved from spending on translating your website is nothing compared to the millions you could have gained if you had a translator translate Dutch to English properly and professionally.

It is the gateway to more languages.

Once you have your website translated to English and see how easy it is to reap the benefits it becomes only natural to start thinking along the lines of including other languages.

Today English, tomorrow the entire world.


Translating Your Website

The biggest benefit of translating your website from Dutch to English is that your brand becomes more accessible and more popular. The English language advertisements are taken far more serious than others even for those who can’t read or understand the English language. It is because the most famous brands advertise their products and services in English. Therefore, people assume in a predetermined manner that your brand is a good one to ignore.

As far as the accessibility is concerned, there is a large number of people on a global scale that speak, understand and communicate in English. For such a huge audience, it is highly unwise to keep your Dutch Website from being translated into English. You can have more visitors, more exposure, greater revenues and a brighter future for your brand. So let us help you in achieving more by translating your website from Dutch To English.

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