Advice On How To Learn Dutch Fast

Learn dutch language fast

Advice On How To Learn Dutch Fast

Advice On How To Learn Dutch Fast

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2020)

The more the world progresses, the greater the number of things humans have to do. But unfortunately, we never have enough time to do all the things we want to do in life. Once a person becomes an adult and starts working, a never-ending cycle begins, which makes it difficult for them to focus on anything else except their respons0ibilities. This is why most things are designed these days to waste as little time of people as possible. One of the most famous social media platforms today is Twitter, which keeps its users’ posts limited to 280 characters at a time. People have gotten used to receiving news in a few words. This is why it is difficult for them to focus on things that require a lot of their time. If someone decides to learn a language, they will look for ways to accomplish that task quickly.

Advice on How to Learn Dutch Fast:


There are things in life that don’t have any shortcuts. Not everything has a shorter version. However, there are smart ways to do things that can help you save your time. If you end up following the wrong path to reach your destination, you will definitely end up wasting time. English speakers already have an advantage when trying to learn Dutch as the two share a close connection. There are plenty of Dutch words in English that people speak every day without realizing it. As for learning the tongue quickly, here is some advice:

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  1. Follow a System:

You can’t wing it because learning a language requires your proper attention. You must be really committed to it, and for that, you must create a system of study. You can make a schedule or a daily time table. After that, make sure you stick to your schedule every day. By not following the system, you will only be making the learning process longer.

  1. Storybooks, in Dutch:

Whether it is English or Dutch, their easiest version will be in children’s storybooks. It is the version people need when they are trying to learn a language. If you wish to study & learn Dutch fast and pick up words quickly, pick up children’s storybooks in the tongue, and read as many as you can. Don’t think of it as a task, and you will start enjoying the stories. Everyone loved stories in their childhood, but that part is still alive in all of us, which is why reading children’s books in learn Dutch will be more fun than you think.

  1. Watch Dutch TV Shows and Movies:

Netflix has made it super easy for us to access content made in different countries. So, if there is any Dutch movie or TV show on your Netflix, turn it on in the original audio and play it with subtitles. This way, you will be able to pick words pretty quickly. Just like storybooks, you will also get invested in the story of the movie you are watching, and it won’t feel like a lesson. An additional benefit of watching entertainment content in this tongue is that you will be able to learn the pronunciation of every new word.

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  1. Listen to Dutch Radio:

There are websites that let people access radio channels from different countries. You can tune in-to a Dutch radio channel and listen to the host talk. You will also be introduced to Dutch music this way, and that will help you pick up unique words even when they are spoken quickly. Even if you don’t have time to sit and listen to a radio channel, you can play it when you are on the road. You will have the channel to accompany you while you travel to and from work.

  1. Talk to Natives:

You can learn everything about a language in your home. Well, everything except its pronunciation. That isn’t something you can pick on your own, and you will need the help of natives. If you have Dutch friends, talk to them in their tongue regularly so you can pick up their accent. You can also find people on language websites who help each other out with such issues. They can talk to you in their native tongue if you are willing to talk in yours. This way, both parties will end up learning something.

  1. Write in a Journal:

There are many benefits of keeping a journal. By jotting down your thoughts, you can keep them from controlling you. And if you are studying a language, writing in it can improve your knowledge of it. So, start writing in Dutch about your routine in your journal. Once you get good at the language, you can also try translating your thoughts in it and then putting them on paper. This can be a great way to measure your progress. It is also useful for improving your vocabulary.

If you think you can become fluent in a tongue in a week, then you are mistaken. Studying a tongue requires time and effort. You will have to give it your all if you really wish to succeed in learning a vernacular. However, if you follow the right procedure and don’t just stick to the course work, you can speed up the process and reach the finishing line sooner rather than later. Start living the language you are trying to pick up, and you will begin to notice the difference straight away. Study about the culture of its speakers, and you will feel closer to the language itself.

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