Overview available Nepali Translation Apps

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Overview available Nepali Translation Apps

Overview available Nepali Translation Apps

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2021)

Linguistics And Translation In The Digital Age

Online tools have drastically changed the meaning of life in the digital world. From workplace dashboards, Artificial Intelligence to cutting edge technologies, the day by day schedule of tasks can be managed with a few clicks. Human translators have now been replaced by machine translation. Digital presence now means more than actual well being. People showing off their dinner tables on social media, the latest dress collections on Instagram are all now a norm. Meeting in person is out of fashion, virtual relationships are way more important. But here’s the thing, almost a couple of decades ago, no one would have thought of a life like this.

Perhaps the biggest change we did not see coming was the development of translator tools and requests for translations. In older days, professional translators were hard to find. Their expertise was essential for so many reasons. Diplomatic relations, immigration offices, university applications, all required perfect translations. In fact, they still do, which is why translation services are still in demand.

However, not all languages and language pairs are not that easy to translate. Of course, Google translate has tons of languages for which you enter the text and get the meaning immediately, but that’s not all we need. We require cognitive services for business intelligence. We need software with impeccable processing power. There are language pairs that have more than one meaning for single words and terms. One such language is the language of Nepal.

What about the Nepali Translation Apps?

google translation nepali
nepali google translation

Nepal; The Land Of Diversity

Nepal, located amidst Bhutan, India, China, and Bangladesh is a multiethnic country. It is a sovereign state of Southeast Asia. Nepal may be known to the outside world for its gigantic trophy, Mount Everest, but it has so much more to it. It is the birthplace of Gautam Budh, the founder of Buddhism. Nepal is a secular federal parliamentary republic. It is the permanent host for SAARC with its headquarter in Kathmandu and a friendship treaty with China and India. Nepal’s military had an instrumental role in World wars and is the fifth largest in South Asia.

123 Nepali languages

There are 123 Nepali languages in the country as per the 2011 national census. Interestingly, all of these are mother tongues. 6 more languages were later added to the list, making a total of 129. The national language of Nepal is the Nepali language, originally called Khas-Kura, then Gorkhali. Most of the languages belong to the Indo-Aryan and Sino-Tibetian families. Some of them, however, belong to the Austro-Asiatic and the Dravidian family. Nepali speakers in the country comprise around 44% of the total population.

Nepali Translation Into And From English 

Translating from English into Nepali is not as simple as putting an English word in Google search for its Spanish meaning. Nepali is a rather unique language when it comes to transforming the meanings. Professional translators can surely do that but that’s their job. Even for them, the contents and the context matters. And for longer texts, even they use machine translation or a translation software of their choice. Thanks to the advent of technology, deep learning, machine learning, and Artificial intelligence have allowed engineers to create easier and automated phrase based machine translation. In fact, there are many translation tools that are built specifically for the English source phrase to Nepali and Nepali to English translation. They even have Nepali keyboards and Unicode typing for better assistance.

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Overview Nepali Translation Apps

The idea of globalization was made possible by a consistent digital presence and linking up the whole world in one loop. Multiple reserves were utilized in the realization of the concept such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, deep learning, and neural machine translation systems.

And it could never have been possible by communicating in one single language. Numerous reasons such as businesses, education, politics, entertainment, social networking, required communication. Online translations are helping millions in strengthening that link.

For Nepali typing, meanings, interpretations, basic ideas, and more, Google search was not enough. Linguistic apps for Nepali were more than necessary. Luckily, there are many developers out there. Not only are they committed, but they are also trying to incorporate more features into the apps through review monitoring and constant digital presence. These are the people who worked with machine language technologies and developed Nepali Speech translation systems.

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why english is so hard

Nepali Dictionary And Translator

This app is rated 4.5 on the Apple app store. The developer has made dictionaries and translators for other language pairs as well. The app allows you to enter English words and get their Nepali meanings instantly. The word list has meanings along. It also has the option to enter Nepali words and get their translation in any language. Moreover, to keep the app interactive, quizzes are also available.

Vorce App 

If you don’t want to spend $50 per hour to hire a translator for English to Nepali, then the Vorce app is the best. Even if you are trying to learn Nepali online, this machine translation tool can help you. With more than 150,000 words in the app, this app is great for students, business personnel, educationists, and just about anyone who wants to learn Nepali. Nepali words are written in Devanagari script. It’s good news for English speakers that Nepali is written with a left-hand text area setting. This means it’s the same as English. You can download the app on both iPhone and Android phones.

Google Translate

Just like people use Google search for everything, they use Google Translate for every language and their meanings. Google Engineers have put a huge effort into adding language codes for quality translations. Users get real-time results with this amazing translation software. Google Translate Nepal offers instant website translation as well. It uses a new deep learning model, called the neural machine translation system.

This model has the capability to train itself, meanwhile reducing the chances of translation errors by 87%. Google Translate also offers a translation mode in which you can use its speech translation service for all language pairs.

English To Nepali Translator Dictionary From Microsoft 

This amazing tool is an offline dictionary. It is holistically developed for anyone who wants to know the Nepali meanings of English words. It is also of great help to those Nepalis who want to speak like a native American. The audio facility allows the user to hear the word. And by learning its right pronunciation, they can pronounce it correctly.

Machine translation may seem incomparable with Human translators but these tools are exceptionally helpful. Here you can find the Microsoft dictionary.

Translate English to Nepali—- Nepali To English 

This app by Evoque Future is available on Amazon. With its user-friendly interface, this app has a speech translation feature. You can say a sentence and hear the translation. It also allows the user to choose from different dialects. Users can hear translations anytime they want to. It can work as a Nepali dictionary and can be used for different languages as a dictionary and thesaurus.

Easy Nepali Typing Translation Tool 

This machine learning tool is powered by Google Translation API. It works exactly like Google Translate. Simply write a single language word or phrase on the left-hand text area and get the meanings written on the right-hand text area. The app is great for greetings, phrases, simple sentences, and language learning. It also has a chrome extension tool which allows you to translate websites. The Unicode tool automatically changes the text of any language into Nepali.

The app is evolving, developers are working to improve its functionality, thereby reducing possible errors. Engineers intend to maximize the app’s efficiency by constantly updating their data. They claim that the app is very similar to a professional service.

In many cases where natural intelligence is required, and bad translations cannot be accepted, human translators become necessary. For instance, you can’t risk a web book or your visa application and its critical components with a neural machine translation. But of course, if you are a student, you need actual translations, and that you can get by one of the above Nepali Translation tools.

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