Here is a List of Free Online Dictionaries and Their Good Points

free online dictionaries

Here is a List of Free Online Dictionaries and Their Good Points

Here is a List of Free Online Dictionaries and Their Good Points

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2023)
Here is a List of Free Online Dictionaries and Their Good Points

Ever since technology took over our world and brought revolutionary changes in every walk of life, a debate has started whether or not it is a good idea to forget the old ways. People wonder if the days when we didn’t have smartphones were any better. But the generation that grew up with old computers and ended up with high quality phones in their hands is not questioning anything. The students who benefit from the enormous library available at their fingertips do not complain about the way the internet is running the world. Sure, there are many who misuse the internet and many will continue to do that in the future too. The world will always have people trying to abuse good things but that doesn’t take away the value of those things.


One debate surrounding modern technology is whether or not it is okay for books to be transformed into their digital copies. A lot of people engage in the Kindle vs. books debate on a regular basis. Some think that physical books have a value of their own and can never be replaced by their electronic versions. While some think that the ebooks are easier to use and therefore should become more common. There is also the matter of audiobooks, the format that helps people with reading disabilities to keep up with their course work and other books.

Like all debates related to technology, a middle ground can be found here too. There is no reason for libraries to go extinct because ebooks can never completely replace the written word. But there is also no reason for people to not have ebooks. They are far too useful for that. People who do not have quick access to a book but do have a steady internet connection can buy it online and read it straight from their phones. Having knowledge stored in their phones help people a lot more than one can imagine. They can read everywhere without having to tire out their arms by holding a heavy book in their hands.

free online dictionaries

The Best Free Online Dictionaries:

free online dictionaries

Everyone who grew up in a bilingual or multilingual culture remembers having dictionaries at home and going through them in their childhood to look up their favorite words. Since technology has brought together the whole world, regardless of your country’s situation, everyone is in need of a dictionary at one point or another. But modern world is fast and won’t wait for you to go through your heavy dictionary to find a certain meaning. Free online dictionaries offer a wonderful alternative to buying plenty of dictionaries and having to search through them each time you need to know the meaning of a word. Here are the best free online dictionaries that everyone should use:

  1. Google Dictionary:

Google offers the best services to everyone and there was no way it was going to step back and let someone take the lead when it comes to word search. It offers not only the meaning of words but also voice input and pronunciation help. These features are highly beneficial for those who are learning a language and are not always sure how to say a particular word. It also offers support for multiple languages and explain each meaning with the help of a sample sentence so there is no doubt left in the mind of the user.

  1. Merriam-Webster:

Another great online dictionary that also offers a thesaurus and word games to help you improve your vocabulary. Its search feature is quick and easy to use. Along with example sentence, Merriam-Webster will also tell you about the origin of a word and its different versions throughout the years if applicable. It also covers a lot of slang words and has a word of the day feature that can help with your vocabulary. It also has a pretty good mobile app so you can get help on the go.


Talk about a great domain name, right? This website also has a great app for mobile users. Along with meanings and pronunciations, it also provides word origins and world history to increase the knowledge of all its users and fill their minds with interesting facts every now and then. The website is pretty unique and offers multiple quizzes and crosswords that can satisfy your inner nerd. In order to keep up with the times, emoji language also makes an appearance on the website frequently.

  1. Collins Dictionary:

If you are looking for a simple website that offers all in one place without any complicated design then this is where you should be heading. The website not only offers word definitions and origins but also synonyms and reference material. There is also a translator that supports 8 common languages. There are also quizzes and word games for those who want to go an extra step to improve their language.

  1. OneLook Dictionary:

If you want a website that only handles words and has a powerful search feature then OneLook is the best place to go. It also has a reverse dictionary feature and offers support for specific subjects like business and law so you don’t have to turn elsewhere for them. It also lets you look up words you can’t remember full spellings of by inserting asterisk in place of forgotten characters.

Looking up a word on Google and searching it in a dictionary are two wildly different things. The websites mentioned above will help you find the meaning of words and much more.

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