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Checklist Academic Certified Translations

Checklist Academic Certified Translations

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2021)

Are you getting the foreign scholarship and now plan to continue your study there? But do you know that there is a whole lot of process you have to follow before you can go abroad? You will have to apply for the visa passport and submit all the academic certified translations.

And do you know that the documents will require native translation of the country where you will be planning to move on? It is a necessary step so that the counselors and officers at the embassy can comprehend the documents easily. Moreover, they can be of use for many purposes while you’re residing in the country.

If you don’t know how to get the translation of your academic documents, don’t worry. This article will briefly describe everything you need to know. So, let’s begin!

What is Certified Translation? 

If you plan to get your academic documents certified, first you need to know about certified translations. Well, a certified translation is the one that fulfills the requirements of a country. So that, it can be used for formal procedures, and the translator gives a signed statement about the accurate translation.

The requirements of getting the certification of your translation vary from country to country. In the US, anyone can translate or certify a document. While some countries allow only professional translators to produce such translations. The European countries more often require certified translations to include a statement made by the translator attesting to its accuracy.

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You also have to attach the date, the translator’s credentials, and contact details. This is the type of certification that is necessary by UK government bodies such as the Home Office and the UK Border Agency, as well as by universities and most foreign embassies. You can get certified translations of the documents needed for immigration or educational purposes.

Moreover, in some cases, personal documents also require certification. Such requirement of getting certification depends on your purpose and the rules and regulations of an institute.

Which documents require academic certified translations? 

All the academic documents are countable when it comes to certification of translations. These may include the birth certificate or marriage certificate as well. For the academic documents, the university or other educational institutions will require academic translations of credentials like all the previous academic records, degrees, diplomas, achievement certificates, academic transcript, the application form, and previous grades.

These documents are a requirement of the academic institution. It helps the new teachers and school head know at least everything about the international students. An official transcript or degree certificate is a verification of your academic record issued in the original language from the original issuing source.

Moreover, the education of the student has to continue like before for better grades. These documents are sensitive since the new grades will depend on them. And therefore, an educational institution requires certified academic translations. To provide the exact translation of the personal documents, you can take help from translation companies.

The Academic Certified Translation Process 

For the process of getting the translation of academic documents, it is essential to choose a native translator with documentation. With the help of a qualified translator, you shouldn’t worry since native translators can work more efficiently than any other. You should fulfill all the special requirements for the translation of the file and begin with the following process:

  • Look for a translator for the translation of your academic credentials. Choose the ones with more ratings, experience, and academic backgrounds since they can provide more professional work.
  • After hiring one, send image files or PDF files of the official document, school transcripts, and visa application as per your translator’s requirement. This step can be done according to the requirements of the foreign university.
  • Once you are done sending the source document to the translator, you should keep the privacy policy of the translation company in mind. Do not contact or disturb the company without need.
  • Select an appropriate delivery time that best suits your schedule. As a student, you should start on getting quick services for the safe side.
  • Make sure to mention that translation of your school transcripts has to go through the certification process so that it is acceptable by the international school.
  • Get your translations on the exact delivery time and date and submit them to the embassy to apply for foreign education.
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Checklist academic certified translations 

While getting academic translation services of your legal documents, you should be aware of some common rules. They are more like a guideline or key points that you need to keep in mind. These points will be helpful for the evaluation service as well. You should make sure that your academic document translation services are abiding by the following rules:

  • A translation is not an explanation – people often misunderstand the purpose of the translation. A translation is not an explanation of a document; rather it is an accurate rendering, into a different language, of what the document says.
  • Good translation costs money – if you are willing to get a good translation from a professional translation company, you should pay the translator fairly as well.
  • Linguists should translate according to the original document – your academic certificate translation should be the word-to-word translation because any single mistake can make things much confusing.
  • Translators can get stumped too so don’t overreact – make sure to provide as much reference material to your translator as you can for the accurate academic transcript translation. No matter if your translator can handle all kinds of translation; the human translation can still have errors. But proofreading the official translation one or two times solves this problem as well.
  • Demanding impartiality – it is important to get the official translations from independent and experienced translators.

It is better to hire an impartial translator to do the work for you. This is often one of the requirements by many schools, government agencies, and credential evaluators.

How to get help from a translation agency? 

If you have an interest in getting academic translation services, all you need to do is to search to make sure whosoever you hire is a professional translator. Although there are many translators you will find online offering the same service you require, but it is better to contact translation companies for your work.

It is because the translation agencies give translation projects to one or more linguists and they provide the best services with the help of one or more linguists. Though most people get the English translation of their documents translations of other languages has also started to increase.

According to the international academic record, the universities welcome prospective students from all over the world. And make things easier for a student, some of the foreign institutions also provide translators who can give a legal translation at cheap prices. This opportunity is also reserved for applicants who are in need.

To get help from any agency, the first step is to send the file to them and then wait for their response. If you get a positive response, select affordable rates and ask the translator to convert the file with 100% accuracy. Then you can ask for the official translation of the file by email. Communicating with your translator by email is so far the best professional method.

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